There is a love“Sun baby”Ms. Sun,She posted a picture of her child on a social networking site,I received a message from a stranger:Your daughter reads×××Kindergarten,Very good kindergarten。iPhoneofLive PhotoFeatures,Leaked Ms. Sun’s privacy。

Xiaoli, a college girl somewhere,Often in the circle of friends andQQSelfie from space,From a certain day,Suddenly, strange netizens frequently add her as friends,She found the reason——My photo was posted on a dating site……
Li Lan shivered after hearing this,“I think of you saying that《Door lock》That movie,Single female living alone played by Kong Xiaozhen,After a deep sleep every night,The security guards downstairs will open her door,Sneak in。then,Walked slowly to her bed,Cover her mouth and nose with a drugged handkerchief,Let her fall asleep。
The scariest thing is,He will blatantly take a bath in her house,Even lying next to her,Take some pictures of her sleeping。however,To all this,Kong Xiaozhen knew nothing for a long time。”
“In my phone,Turn off the positioning function of the camera。Also be careful not to send the original photo to others,So as not to retrieve relevant location information after saving。
Nowadays, high-tech crime is endless,Everyone must protect themselves,Don’t reveal our identity and location。”
Zuo Ci stroked his beard, which had disappeared.,“Unexpectedly the children and grandchildren in a thousand years,It has developed to the culmination of spying on others’ private matters。”
Yang Pingfan felt a little,“Zuo Lao Tie, don’t think about it crooked。”
Zuo Ci’s face doesn’t change,“Brother Yang is too worried,I have a disguise,Transfiguration,This kind of trick,Can’t get into my eyes。”
Yang Pingfan nodded,I didn’t realize there was something in Zuo Ci’s words,One pass on the dark web, I found a merchant to help him provide customized services,According to Yang Pingfan’s request,AISynthesized a bunch of photos of the sunny guy,By changing facesapp,Get a video for authentication。
Finally by comparing the online lottery,Got the exact address of the sunshine guy,“go,Li Daitao is stiff。”
After Bai Lin and Li Lan bid farewell,Restless,Ups and downs,I don’t want to take out,Come home and lie down,at dusk,Girlfriend back,See him like this,Rushed to touch his forehead,“What happened to you,Is it sick?”
“I’m fine,”Bai Lin gave a wry smile,“I ran into an old acquaintance today。”
Girlfriend raised eyebrows,“Old acquaintance,who is it?”
If Yang Pingfan and Li Lan are here,You will find that Bai Lin’s girlfriend is Liu Yuan’s gold lawyer——Yuan Simeng。