“The sword was broken into six pieces。”The old man nodded。

“Six cuts?and so,One of them is in Yaozu?”Yan Ruyu heard this,Suddenly woke up,There are monsters in this world。
“Yes,Buddhism brought a broken sword to Da Leiyin Temple,Yaozu will naturally bring a truncated sword to the north bank of the Red River。”Old Dao pointed to the tea cup in front of Yan Ruyu:“The tea is cold。”
Yan Ruyu picked up the tea cup,Put it to the lips,When I was about to drink,Look at the old way again:“But even if you add the monster race on the north bank of the Red River,Only five,Where is the last piece?”
“Southern Xinjiang。”Old Tao raised his head,Looking south。
“Southern Xinjiang?Why is it in Southern Xinjiang?”Yan Ruyu doesn’t quite understand this moment,He remembers the war three hundred years ago,Nanjiang did not participate。
“because,I buried it in southern Xinjiang。”Veteran finished,He waved his hand on the teacup in front of him,immediately,The teacup turned into a wine glass,It’s still full of drinks。
The veteran drank the wine in the glass。
“You take it……Buried in southern Xinjiang?”Yan Ruyu looks at the old way,I don’t know why the old way’s mood suddenly changes,But at this moment,He saw the corner of the old man’s eyes,Glide through a tear。
and many more?
This old way takes the last sword,Buried in southern Xinjiang?!
but,This is not right!!!
Why did he bury the sword in Southern Xinjiang?He should bury the sword in a lone grave in Middle Earth, right??!
Southern Xinjiang。
Nine huge stone pillars stand on a clearing。
Under the stone pillar,A dozen southern Xinjiang soldiers are guarding an ancient tomb made of stone in the middle of the stone pillars。
The tombstone of the ancient tomb has been somewhat weathered,It can be seen that this ancient tomb is at least several hundred years old,but,The area around this ancient tomb is very clean,Obviously often taken care of。