“President Yao,This。”I don’t know what to say。

“Call me Yao Yun。”Yao Yun said word by word,The smile on her face is brilliant,“I’m also Mr. Yao anyway,Take out,Can’t say a brand name,You have to look decent too?”
She put her arms around her shoulders,Then I twisted my body slightly,Said face to the window,“You put on,Let me see。”
“what?”I thought I heard it wrong。
“Why,Are you afraid of me peeping?”Yao Yun asked playfully。
Think about it too,There is really no need to be embarrassed。
Yesterday morning,I saw her beauty out of the bath,This morning,He saw me lying naked on the ground。
I’ve seen it all,How can there be so many taboos?。
I take off my clothes,I changed into the suit she bought for me。
Yao Yun’s vision is really good,Because after I put it on,Very fit。
“How do you know what type of clothes I am wearing。”I asked questioningly。
Under normal circumstances,You have to try on clothes in person。
and,He never asked me what size clothes I wear。
“This girl i,Undergraduate Fashion Design。”Yao Yun said confidently,“I can’t do business,but,Just pass in front of my eyes,I can know what size clothes and shoes this person wears。”
“Turned out to be like this。”I smiled。Walked to the mirror in the bathroom,I took a picture。