result,Zhou Rui didn’t answer the phone。

This bitch,Must be happy,So happy to answer my call at all!
Thought of here,I’m getting more angry。
I plan to call again。
Forget it after thinking about it。
Since she is going to pretend to sleep,I can’t wake her up。
I took out the cigarette,One after another。
She already dared to call me,Unabashedly do things with others。
Even if the investigation continues,I don’t think it makes any sense anymore。
Even i think,She will be happy to let me say divorce now。
otherwise,Not so blatantly irritating me。
Thought of here,I calmly picked up the phone,Sent her a few words:Let’s divorce。
After pressing the send button,I feel a hot on my nose。
Reached out and wiped it,It turned out to be two rows of hot tears。
I smiled and scolded myself,Zuo Zhi,You’re so fucking damned。
For a woman like this,Actually crying。