When Lei Tianzi woke up again, he found out,Lying on a strange bed,There is a person lying beside,Neither herself nor the female fairy next to her are wearing clothes。

Brain“boom”The sound of,Tianzi Lei knew that he was being calculated,Fortunately, the whole body’s spiritual power has not been lost,The cultivation level is still there,This means that the other party does not intend to kill him,Take a closer look at the female fairy around,It’s clearly the granddaughter of Abandoned Jianzi。
Patted his forehead vigorously,Lei Tianzi thought:“Am I taking a big advantage??Why do you feel like you have suffered a big loss??”
Just when he was worried about gains and losses,The female fairy was awakened,Then he pointed to the plum blossoms on the snow-white mattress。
Lei Tianzi immediately shortened his momentum by three points,He quickly patted his chest and said like a drum:“Do not worry!I will marry you。”
“My name is handou,What is Xianggong’s name??”Female fairy blushes,Whispered shyly。
“My name is Lei Tianzi,Good lady!”Lei Tianzi hurriedly clasped his fists and said。
“Good friend。”Han Dou calmed down slightly,Show a gentle and considerate side,Said:“Please understand,I didn’t do this to calculate you,But forcing my grandpa to accept you as a disciple,If i don’t,Grandpa will definitely not accept you as a disciple。”
“Thanks madam,Thanks madam。”Tianzi Lei is really grateful。
Han Dou smiled,Said:“We are all one family,Say thank you,I don’t know how many wives are in Xianggong’s house?”
While speaking,Han Dou’s expression is worried,Lei Tianzi grabbed his fingers and counted,Said:“Counting you is thirty-eight ladies,This number is auspicious。”
Han Dou’s face suddenly became gloomy,Paused for half a minute,Even Lei Tianzi is a little nervous,Han Dou smiled like a spring breeze,Said:“Forget it,I don’t care about this with you,Who told me to meet you so late?after,You have to be nice to me。”
“I will be good to Madam!”According to experience analysis,Tianzi Lei feels that this Han Dou is not as innocent as it seems on the surface,Looks like he is not taking advantage,More likely to be calculated by Han Dou,Because even if you abandon Jianzi for persecution,No need to drunk the thunder emperor with poison,Cook the uncooked rice and cook the rice to promote the harvest!