Don’t care,He doesn’t do this business。

“Trangote,You’re a little off-duty recently!”Leo says。
Troangote, who was worrying about the future of the Chamber of Commerce, suddenly stared,I almost broke my heart,You actually said I’m not doing business?
If it wasn’t for you,Have to hammer your dog’s head。
“Weibull news for you?I got some news on the first day,Why haven’t found anyone for so many days?”
First81chapter You are actually like Leo
I heard Leo talk about Weibull,Troangote more grievances。
I still blame you,Keep messing up,Never stopped,Our chamber of commerce has no staff,These two days have been busy gathering forces,How can I find someone for you。
“Boss,I’ll order to find someone!The problem now is that we won’t be able to pay wages within two months!”
Leo was surprised:“Didn’t you just harvest a lot of Bailey yesterday??”
“Yesterday and today’s banquet will be consumed41Yibaili,You do it yourself!”
Leoton feels great,It feels a lot for the protagonist to make hundreds of millions to build the ship in the previous life.,It’s not enough to see now。
He forgot that the protagonist has only one boat,And he now has seventy or eighty,The annual maintenance costs alone can bankrupt ordinary pirates。
“I will find a way for money!Find someone for me first,People can feel at ease if they find me!”Leo said helplessly。
What he can’t let go of right now is not the Tianlongren thing,It’s Zefa’s problem。