“You want to build your own forces?”Yunluo County。

“Hey,People are stupid, more fear of robbery,So call some people to protect yourself。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“This is fine.?Is the royal family??”
“no problem。”Yunluo, laughing:“18People are not too little?”
“Is a little less,Mainly I don’t have so much resources.。”Lin Feng explained:“If there is more resources,I don’t mind, some people。”
“Ok,This thing is handed over to me.。”Yunbai-gun is white, Lin Feng, one eye:“I have become your hand.,Give you work。”
“friend。”Lin Feng smiled and emphasized。
“All right,Don’t justify,I still go.,Who let this salary scary。”Yunluo-gun is a charming smile and turned around.。
Her figure came to the door of the county,There is still a movie in the door.,She looked at the people.,The people standing in the population,This shows that Yunluo is the laughter。
Yunluo-gun is ignored Huang Shao,Then I look at Tang Yingjun and Li Yun whispered:“All the strong people of all Sanni have statistics,Even if the registration is successful,Come back to me。”
Tang Yingjun and Li Xia have nodded。
Then, Yunluo, the Lord, looked at the yellow shackles among the people.,Huang Shaden will always,Direct disappeared in the crowd。
After half an hour, there is a gap in the deep fire.,This person is yellow,Huang Shaohand is holding a folding fan。
“Yellow,Thank you。”Lin Feng smiled and went out,His side follows Yunluoji,Sunny,Vigo three women。
“Lin brother,You’re welcome,Lin Xion is now definitely the rich of northwestern city.。”Huang Shao smiled and arch:“Sure enough, it is not a guardian of Yunluo。”
“Huang Shaofei。”Lin Feng Road。
“Bamboo,Lin Feng said,Give you free。”Yunluo-gun laughs and looks at the Yellowville。
This person is a Tianjiao character in the four major family of Northwestern Province.,Almost open the existence of the veins,Very young。
Although the four families in Northwest China, although they are not over the royal family,Can stand for hundreds of years without falling,This yellow mad is a young child who is contemporary.。
“All free?Great,Is this not a province?100Wancha?”Yellowness。
This thing can’t be said with the family.。
This100Wancha,Directly load your own waist bag,It is a profound。
“you are wrong,Free expenses for the ghosts,The cost of entering the Xuanhuang Tower also pays you。”Yunluoh Lord looked at the Yellowville。
Yellow madness,Is this called the sky??
“real?Fake?”The yellow mad is not believed.,Entering the Xuanhuang Tower to take again100Wancha。
“of course it’s true,I will never give a friend.。”Lin Feng carrying hands smiles。
“Lin brother,What do you have?,But there is no。”Yellow is still a bit can’t believe,After all, this is not a small number.。
Lin Fengnan is smirk,When you are talking,Distance Tang Yingjun has come in:“Madman,Maple brother,Brothers are very dedicated,Our 18 brothers,The treatment including the sunny girl is not bad better than you,So you don’t want to think more。”
NS1257chapter Be cut off
“This?”Yellow is like a wood carving,This world has such an atmosphere?This is involved1000Most of the goods。
“Bamboo,This is real,Even I am so。”Yunluo-gun laughs and looks at the Yellowville:“Don’t think more。”
“it is good,it is good,it is good!”Yellow mad is a happy laugh:“I am gone, I will gain the brother.,Do not,Lin Shao this friend。”
“Yellow,You’re welcome。”Lin Feng smiled and reached out:“In this northwestern city,Take more care。”
“Lee,You are humble with you.。”Yellow and fast laugh:“but,Since you recognize my friend,What do you have in this northwestern city?,I am sure the first standing out of support。”
“it is good!”Lin Feng smiled and said:“However, I can’t take a few more cups with yellow, I can’t take a drink.,Let’s drink a few more cups in the same day.,how?”
“It could not be better。”