“You fucking shit,I have no relationship with her anymore!You fat pig”Song Xiaoniu cursed,A fierce struggle。He broke free from Wang Lan’s embrace,Carrying a kitchen knife, he rushed towards Wang Youcai。

Wang Youcai wanted to pretend to be a hero in front of Wang Lan,But what he never expected was,This Song Xiaoniu’s temper is really like a cow。
People are afraid of death,Wang Youcai is more afraid of death than others,Because he felt,He hasn’t enjoyed enough of the good things in this world,So he has to live。
Wang Youcai saw that Song Xiaoniu was so aggressive,Turn around and run,But the room is too small。He had to run to the bathroom again。Others ran in,Only one hand fell behind。
Song Xiaoniu is not polite,Cut it up according to Wang Youcai’s little arm。Okay,Just when this kitchen knife was about to slash Wang Youcai’s arm,Suddenly he closed his arm inside。
Song Xiaoniu’s chopping knife,But also the blood flowing。
The injured Wang Youcai is on fire,He grabbed the mop in the bathroom and rushed out。Wang Lan saw that her husband hurt Wang Youcai,She is also anxious,Grabbing the stool on the ground, he greeted Song Xiaoniu。
“Son of a bitch!I told you,We are over,You just dragged not to divorce。Still hacking people,You just wait to go to jail!”Wang Lan shouted,The small stool in his hand slammed Song Xiaoniu over。
Go to jail,Song Xiaoniu just recovered,Throw away the kitchen knife in your hand and ran away。But it’s a bit late,Wang Youcai rushed out,The mop in his hand hit Song Xiaoniu’s back twice。
It’s a pity that this thing doesn’t hurt much,Song Xiaoniu a stride,People have rushed out of the room。Wang Youcai chased after him,Chased to the gate。
The night is very quiet,They are in trouble here,But the people around sleep still quietly,Not even a light turned on。When Wang Youcai stepped back on the snow,Wang Guilan stumbled out,She said with a sigh:“it’s all my fault,Shouldn’t put you together for a drink”
“Your fault is to lock the gate from inside,In this case, can Song Xiaoniu enter your house??”Wang Lan’s wine spirit seems to have passed,She said clearly。
Wang Youcai snorted coldly:“Alright!You guys say something useless,No one cares about my wound”Wang Youcai said,deliberately:“Ouch”Bang。
Wang Lan moves faster than Wang Guilan,She rushed over in two steps,Helped Wang Youcai sit on the sofa。Wang Youcai raised his arm and took a look,A hole of three or four centimeters,The bleeding blood has formed a dry scar。