But the night is cold in the middle of the night.。

Love and Liu,Lin Feng drives,He smiles:“Love,Please forgive me in the hospital.,Xiaozhen will do our best。”
“Your people sitting people are coming.,What is the guest?。”Love smiles。
“Hey-hey,What president,False name。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,You still call me Xiaomhao.。”
“Do not,Do not,Maybe there is no,But I have a premiere,You will be a veritable name of this president of the president,You will become a veritable big chamber of commerce,Current leader。”Love hooks Lin Feng Road:“Your practice is not slow。”
“Luck。”Lin Feng Road:“elegant,This has juice。”Lin Feng took a bottle of young people and handed it to Liu.。
Liu is directly taken from Lin Feng。
“This has a gift to give it。”Lin Feng went up a wooden box and handed a willow.。
This wooden box is the bracelet of the ancestral dragon.,It is the best violet。
Originally Lin Feng wants to give others,But in the Liuyang,Give this girl。
Although the two have the battle of life and death。
But don’t know why,Lin Feng see this woman is to send,no other meaning,I want to resolve the grievances between the two people.。
It is also good to show the scripture.,This festival,Lin Feng doesn’t want to be a sinful person。
“Give me?”Willow,She is not the very unreasonable person.,Respond to Lin Feng Feng。
“good,Hold it。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“This is after the Qinglong Master healed,First work,Very exquisite,What are you going back?,earrings,ring,Necklace,I can let the master give you personally,Iron。”
“What is your purpose?!”Liu Hao Wen said that Lin Feng is watching Lin Feng.,She doesn’t believe this guy is so good.。
“elegant,Xiao Feng is expressing goodwill。”Love is not good:“The work of the ancestral dragon master is very difficult,He is one of the world’s four top masters。”
“You are welcome。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Love,I also prepare for you.,ring,wristband,earrings,Necklace, etc.。”
“Maple,I’m old,Do you want these things??”Love and charming。
“Hey-hey,Love is old,Young,Windy,Light。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“Ok, deal,It is a small family。”
“Then thank you first.。”Love:“Can the Moon Lake Jewelry Sales Co., Ltd. also enter the share??”
“Stock?”Lin Fengwen was shocked,But I can’t think of this Nashan’s big man.。
“good,We will be prepared to enter the Yue Lake Jewelry Sales Co., Ltd.。”Love smiles:“How do you mean??”
“Love,You will be able to earn a lot of profits in horizon every year every year.,Plus the market’s income,Do you need to enter the same month??”Lin Feng suddenly。
“There are not many incomes on true Taoism.,After all, raise a lot of people.,True gain is a cross。”Emotional explanation:“But this public will not have a few times a year.,Earn money limited,And our annual consumption is also huge。”
This is a truth。
So you need them to open source,This is to find the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce.。
They originally imagined evil dragon,The control of the tyrants,Unfortunately, Huajiang Province is not their site.,And the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is not your pinch.。
“How much is your feelings??”Lin Feng suddenly asked。
“500Billion。”Love a smile。
NS139chapter A new round of cooperation
“500100 million!”
Lin Feng heard a breath,500Billion,This day, the South will be too powerful.,Direct investment500Billion funds。
“how?Lose?”Love smiles。
“Do not,Do not,it is ready。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“I didn’t think so of love such a big hand,Take out directly500Billion funds,But I don’t understand this.,This matter needs to be in charge of Liu.。”
“Ok,As long as you allow。”Love smiles。