Xia Jian smiled and said:“Not bad,It seems that your restaurant has not been opened for nothing in recent years“

“That’s not。Come!The three of us go one“Cai Li is in a good mood,He raised his glass。
Bai Xiaoru drank another drink,Then there was a burst of hard food。She is really a bit heroic,Normal women don’t dare to eat like her。
“Don’t be surprised, It’s not like I eat with others“Bai Xiaoru said,I laughed first。
Thanks to Cai Li’s joining,Xia Jian and Bai Xiaoru just talked about irrelevant topics。They didn’t even talk about the topics of men and women。
The night is getting darker,The plates on the table are all empty。Cai Li picked up the empty wine bottle and shook it.:“Or i get another bottle,I don’t think you guys have a good drink“
“enough!Mayor Xia has been running for a day today,Time to rest early“Bai Xiaoru said,Stood up on one side。This woman is really busy。
Xia Jianchong and Bai Xiaoru smiled and said:“Understand people,Is a good girl“
“Alright you!!Don’t flatter me from now on,Be careful i kick you to death。I have this meal tonight,Dare you to grab with me,I’m anxious with you“Bai Xiaoru said,Took out his wallet。
Cai Li looked anxious,She smiled and said:“I will invite you two for this meal tonight。So don’t grab anyone,Go back and rest quickly!“Cai Li said,Began to clean up the dishes。
Bai Xiaoru counted it silently,Draw out two hundred yuan bills and put them on the small table:“If not enough,The boss will post less,Who made you his female classmate“Bai Xiaoru finished,Strode away。
Cai Li still wants to chase her,But Xia Jian reached out and stopped her and said:“forget it!It’s useless for you to catch up with her“Xia Jian said,Also stood up。He really doesn’t want to move,I really want to sleep here before leaving。
“If you are too tired to move,Just rest in my room!There are two rooms anyway“Cai Li’s voice is as small as a mosquito。
If this is placed ten years ago,What Xia Jian said he would stay,But not anymore。He can’t do this,This is for him,Also for Cai Li。
“Nothing,I have to hurry back,There are many things in town waiting for me to deal with“Xia Jian stood up as he spoke。Cai Li put down the tableware in her hand,Ran out ahead of time and stopped the car for Xia Jian。
The taxi just turned a corner,Xia Jian said to the driver:“Not going to Pingyang Town,Let’s go to the entrepreneurial apartment。 You should know this place?”
“Hi!I don’t know what other car is driving here。I thought I could earn a long distance fee,I didn’t expect to be out of play again”The driver said,Ben haha laughed。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“It’s ok,Wait a moment,I’ll give you two trips”The driver was immediately happy when he heard that。this is life,Are working hard,It’s not easy。
When getting off,Xia Jian really dropped 20 yuan for the driver。he thinks,I’m making money,He is still a little easier than others。He sympathizes most with the working people,He has always positioned himself as a migrant worker。