Father brow wrinkle,Eye stares on summer,Summer is unfarent with him。

for a long time,The old man slowly opened。
But what he said is intriguing,Make people can’t touch the mind。
“Ah,I was also a twelve years when I was young.,Even over the battlefield to kill the enemy,Later response policy,Then do business,He smashed a base industry。”
The old man did not reprimakers in summer.,Instead, I said my own past.,During the look, a few memories,The scorpion is full of vicissitudes。
“Unfortunately……I have raised a son who only knows to eat and drink.,A few years,Let the company caught the difficulties,It’s good to be not bad.,Is not very smart,Don’t understand business。”
Merely,Summer, a big fat man,But see him full of face,But it is a little bit。
The father continued to say,“The only thing that makes me please,Just he married a good wife.,Then give a good granddaughter,For only five years,Not only putting companies that are caught in a low valley,Even more than my old man。”
“grandfather……”Liu Qingqing’s eyeliner。
The father stopped her again.,Double eyes staring in summer,Torch,“Ah,I am so much with you.,I want to tell you.,It’s not easy in Qing.,She carries too much pressure,If she is not right?,Please pay more,Please help her more。”
Summer looks also become serious,Solemnly nodded,“I will,Grandfather。”
“it is good,That’s good。”
The old man is so honest,No injury spring,It is a swift,“I was young when I was a soldier.,Not much attention to the body,The result is the old to know,Identified some disease roots,Every cloudy rain,Or specific throttle,The joints of the bones and even the body are hurting,but,Not a big problem。Especially now Zhang Master will give me a needle.,I feel that it is not easy to get it.。”
Toned,He also,“I believe you have no malicious,But why should you say that these needles will be my life??”
This sentence,Also said the doubts of everyone。
All eyes are brushed in the summer,Complex look。
“Grandfather,Everything about you now is a prominent。”
Summer has a bad night,Follow the road,“As you said,You are some old shorthairs,Not fatal,But these needles are in overdrawing your vitality,I dare to guarantee,If you have long,You live for three years。”
Voice is just,Master Zhang was anger.。
“Full mouth!You don’t understand,Dare to question the old man here。Ignorant,I thought that I learned that some acupuncture fans could finish their hands??”
Next to Zhongshan Hospital Vice President Sun Yid,Also face anger,Tone。
“young people,I also know some acupuncture,I also guarantee,Master Zhang’s acupoint is no problem.。Don’t make air。”
Summer is not in his voice,Instead asked,“Who are you?”
“I am a vice president of Zhongshan Hospital.,Sun Youde。”
“Oh,Since I do this, I will say it with you.。”
Summer slowly standing,Discretion,Watching everyone in the field,Laugh,“The so-called passionate,The more you say, the more clear。”
Say,He pointed to the old man’s tiger mouth and the silver needle,“Gray,Tahun’s compatibility。”
He also refers to the silver needle of the old blond wrist and the outside of the calf.,“Neighbor,D,Compatibility。”
“Ditch,Yanglingquan compatibility。”
“Sanyinjiao,Gas sea compatibility。