From Lin Taoren’s words,Li Ming also learned about this Taoist priest’s experience。

Lin Daoshi,Born in a small mountain village,The mountain village was slaughtered by monsters when he was young,I was saved by a monk。
Since then,Lin Daoshi followed his master and brother in practice,And his line,But not for longevity。
original,His disciple,Almost all tribesmen、Tribe、Orphans killed by zombies and other massacres。
Since childhood,To monsters、Has a deep hatred of zombies and other monsters—as well as,Great love for common people。
But in his vein,There are not weak methods and spells,More a disciple,Many disciples,But for hundreds of millions of years, I haven’t even seen a fairy。
The reason is,The monks in this vein start from innate,Just wander around,Beheading the demon。
Although it hasn’t really killed any peerless great monster,But rooted in the mundane,Killing monsters and zombies for the most ordinary mortals,Rescue disaster。
“Lin Daochang,You are really not easy。”Learn about the history of Lin Daoshi,Li Ming was also quite shocked。
even though,Difficult to cultivate,Three disasters and nine disasters,It’s harder to be a god,But don’t care about practice,Wholeheartedly deal with mundane monsters,Really a great sacrifice。
“Dao brother,You and I see it right away。”Li Ming smiled,Take out a jade bottle from your arms,“Brother Dao broke his arm,The pill in this bottle can stimulate vitality,Help you connect this right arm。”
“This!”Lin Daoshi’s face also showed a bit of movement,For Daoists in Vientiane,Even some rich monks in the Purple Mansion,You can still get the pill for severed limbs。but,Innate,I really don’t have the ability to get this precious pill。
“This,Can’t have。。。Too precious。Be ashamed!”Lin Daoren swallowed,But after thinking about it, I decided to refuse,After all, this pill is really precious。
“Brother Lin Dao,Against zombies with you,The feat of saving the mundane,Worthy!”Li Ming’s voice changed slightly,Like a god, buddha, fairy,But this slight change,‘Lindor’Without a trace。
Drank a few jars of wine,Lin Daoren felt that a hint of alcohol came to his mind,Drunk on the wine table。
And Li Ming sighed slightly,Hand move,A spiritual light melted into Lin Daoren’s arm,quickly,The right arm began to grow rapidly。
“This vein is also interesting,Do not seek longevity,But do you take the real mundane life as your own responsibility?。”Open sky eye,Observe with the power of divine consciousness,I found that it was only the Lin Taoist who was consummate innate,A little bit of merit and golden light appeared on the body。
“innate,It can only be regarded as the mundane in the mundane,But walking for the common people,Kung Fu has only a few decades of merit。”Li Ming looked at him,A thought,One effort is integrated into Lin Taoshi’s pubic area。