It is the Gu Yi Mom that she knows.。

“I like to eat shrimp and fish。”She laughed。
“Did you hear my mother??I like to eat shrimp and fish.。”Blue Xin smiled and looked at Liuxu。
Listen to my mother,Will not oppose this thing。
“heard it,heard it,You are almost coming back.,Don’t play too long,Don’t play too tired,Your physical strength is limited,Do you still have to take care of yourself.。”Gu Mu’s reminder of her ear。“OK,Mother。”Hang up the phone,Blue Xin looked at Liuxu,These days, Lejia’s things are so boiled,Mom should also know what Li Shuzhen,Know that these things are still talking to Yan Yue,Then explain the mother
Can accept Liuxu。
In fact, she has changed many years.,It will become a problem from someone else’s perspective.,Not only one way to choose the door。
“elder sister,Hello!”Sudden,Blue Xin’s tender voice around the little boy。
Blue Xinzhu,I saw a seven-eight year old boy holding a rose in hand.。
Blue Xin looked at him and blinked blinking??
The little boy is laughing.,Special cute,Particular。
“elder sister,elder sister,This rose is given to you.。”The little boy smiled and put the rose in the hands of Blue Hind.。
Lu Hao Cheng,Fright,Where to ran out the little boy?Actually give him a wife to send roses。
“thanks!”Blue Xin smiled and took a rose。“You’re welcome,elder sister,You grow beautiful,Laughing so good,You must wait for me to grow up,After greating, you can marry you.。”A small man says,His Liu Hai has some long,Cover the entire forehead,A pair of big eyes are like it
Same words,Clear and bright,Listening to his tender words,Blue Xin suddenly stunned。
Talented to the child,Will you know that you will marry your wife later??
Lu Hao’s face is also completely black,How to be a little fart to grab your wife with yourself?
“Ha ha……”Gu Yi and Li Shuzhen did not laugh at the face at all.。
Lu Haocheng won the rose in Blue Hind to give a little boy,“Hold,Sister has a husband.,Will not wait for you to grow up?。”Lu Haocheng voice is evil,The whole person with a thick acetyic acid。
The little boy sninds like this.,Blink a big eye,A dedication。
Blue Xin glanced at Lu Haozheng,“What is your child??”
“Sister, is he your husband??He is really fierce!”Little boy stands by Blue Xin。
Blue Xin smiled and nodded,The child’s world is very simple,I feel very beautiful when I see a good thing.,I will leave a jealousy in my heart.。
She is also like this childhood.。
“elder sister,Then don’t marry him.,Waiting for me to grow up, you。”The little boy is still very persistent。
Blue Xin smiled and knead his head,“Brother,Do you know what your wife stands??”
“Know,My mother said,Representative responsibility and responsibility,There is also happiness。”The little boy answers very simply。
Blue Xinyi,The mother of this child is very good.。
“Small,How do you ran to find a beautiful sister??”A beautiful lady walked over,Looking at Blue Xin sorry laughing。
“This lady is embarrassed,When you just sit here,My son is a strong to praise you.,I am going to your bathroom.,He ran to here.,excuse me,You are very sorry。”