Song Fang is on fire now,She shouted:“Xia Jian!You change your girlfriend faster than you change clothes,One in the morning,One item in the afternoon,Is there another one at night?”This woman scolds people without dirty words,But more vicious。

“That’s my skill,Does it have anything to do with you?”Xia Jian got angry right away,He understands Song Fang’s intentions,She just wanted to be in front of Luo Yi,It’s just ugly。
Song Fang laughed and said:“What does that have to do with me,I’m just worried that your kidneys can’t bear it”Song Fang’s laugh,Smile,And the sound is very loud,As if others can’t hear。
Xia Jian ignored Song Fang,Instead, he took Luo Yi and walked quickly towards the farm。Along the way,Met a few acquaintances in Xiping Village,Everyone greeted him affectionately。
Luo Yi holding Xia Jian’s arm,Laughing all the way,She feels like the happiest woman in the world。What words did Song Fang just say?,She didn’t even listen。Because she firmly believes in their future。As for what Xia Jian was like in the past,She doesn’t want to know。
When Xia Jian came to the farm,,Chen Erniu is about to enter his office,He saw Xia Jian came,And when I was with a big beauty。He couldn’t help laughing:“Yo!President Xia is here to check work?It’s just that we smell big here,It’s not good to be careful with this beauty”
“So much nonsense,Where’s the Three Bulls?What do you mean,My old man is back,You guys don’t come to see me”Xia Jian said,So he gave Chen Erniu a punch。
First2173chapter Jealous
Chen Erniu smiled and said:“You are really interesting,You come back and don’t say hello to us,How can we know”
Xia Jian asked Chen Erniu,Just want to prove one thing,It seems that Ma Yan really didn’t tell them about his return。This is enough to prove,Ma Yan has resentment towards him,It seems that what the old lady said is right。It’s better not to stimulate her。
“Hey!Who is this beauty?Not to introduce to my brother”Chen Erniu smiled,Looked at Luo Yi from top to bottom。
Xia Jian pulled Luo Yi forward and said:“My girlfriend Luo Yi,I will call sister-in-law in the future”Things have reached this point,Xia Jian thinks there is nothing to avoid,Should come or come。
“Hello there!My name is Chen Erniu,Xia Jian’s good friend。It’s his hair,More of his brother”Chen Erniu reached out,Haha laughed and said。
Luo Yi and Chen Erniu shook hands,Said with a very generous smile:“On the way to the village,He already told me。That he has two best friends in the village,One is Chen Erniu,One is Xia Sanhu”
“It seems he hasn’t forgotten his roots yet!”With the same voice as Hong Zhong,Xia Sanhu walked out of the studio。He walks this way,While taking off his work clothes。
Chen Erniu smiled and said:“Your sister-in-law is here,I’m about to call you,I didn’t expect you to be so smart,Touched it myself”
“so rude,Talk nonsense again,Be careful i’m not polite to you”Xia Sanhu said and laughed,Two steps to Xia Jian。