These seven masters,Perhaps for ordinary people, even unusual masters,It is very strong,In summer,Nothing to get dying。

He doesn’t think the other party is a fool,There is definitely a unknown。
Although I can’t see people,But it can be perceived that the danger is not released。
At this time,呻 呻 sound again。
Summer is loose,Summary to the past,Throw the sword on the ground,Lend two big stones。
immediately,Five fingers and hand knife,Suddenly a thorn towards debris,Half arm is in it,Then the back of the summer,Single arms force up。
Big piece of gravel bricks touched on both sides。
In his hand,Cut the bed of a bed,The following is a person。
It is high wind。
He did not have a danger of life,Just the right arm,See summer,When you suddenly look bright。
But the face of summer has changed,Well-eye,Sudden,The whole person falls on the ground,A pedal opening bed。
“call out。”
Almost at the same time,I can’t hear a slight sound,Wipe the summer chest and go,There is a pothole in the ground,Sputum。
Summer a roll,Lightning tall wind arms,And then bouncing,Legs suddenly,Go forward。
It is also two sharp-air sounds.,Playing in him。
Master with gun!
Summer faceless expression,The arm of the high wind is quickly rushing,Constantly change,Leave a shadow。
“call out!”
“Bamboo……call out!”
Continuously break the sound,Every bullet will fall in his departure,The other party’s gun method is extremely precise,As long as you slowly,Absolutely hit。
“Go to the two points to hide。”
Run away,Summer throws high wind on the ground,“Your sister and Liu Qingqing have there,Protect them!”
Say,Take a big step,咚咚 stepping on the ground,Go straight to the right direction。
“噗,Ground dust,Two bullets hit at the foot,And the summer is on the wall,Refraction angle to land。
咻,A bullet is inlaid in the wall,Summer landing instant,The shape is right,Target is clear,It is a gunman sitting in the direction.。
By circumventive,He has already locked the source of the ball。
And know,Not a sniper gun,It is a newly produced battle pistol,Effective range of three hundred meters。
He knows,The other party is a confidential gunner,Hit so many guns,Nothing change。
Bullets leave holes at the foot,Pulling crumbs。
Summity suddenly,Surprise,Several spikes,Suddenly disappeared。
At this moment,Back behind the wall,A blonde man wearing a fans frowned。
In his left and right hands,Holding two very bright pistols。
Be right,Be a bright。
Both pistols are big red,Even the sounds in front of the muffler。
The scene just now let the blonde man are very surprised.。