First1533Chapter True purpose

What do you want to think about others?,Summer is not concerned。
He has hidden in the event that the other party’s real motivation is。
He didn’t go to another iron cage from Zhang Jiu,Instead, I look at the blood of the blood.。
“You go out.,Protect the moon。”
Awesome,Nodped silently,Turned out。
Go outside,Straight rush to the second floor。
Not a blocked,Now that I am Zhang Jiu or those who,The ultimate goal is to let the summer entered here.。
Now the purpose is reached,Including the kidnapped moon,No one cares。
When Akoshi leaves,Announced a group of men in black,They wrapped around a few laps on the door of the iron cage,Use a big lock to lock,Quickly retreat。
Be apparent。
All this is a ring in Zhang Jiu Plan.。
And see this scene,Zhang Jiu also seriously,The corner of the mouth is outlined and the fierce smile。
He walks before,Visiting the iron net with summer。
“Hahaha……Summer,You finally fell into my circle.,Today!I see how you live.,Hahaha!”
Zhang Jiu’s gaze and grievance,That kind, I can’t wait to shin on the summer.。
哒 哒 哒。
Summer is also going to the iron network,Dark scorpion stares each other。
“You must be very angry.,Maybe it’s also puzzled?”Zhang Jiyun smiled,“We have no hatred,Why do you want you this?。”
Zhang Jiu’s face,Close to Iron Net。
Two people have almost face。
He is not afraid of summer sudden handsome。
Because there is iron network。
Saying is iron,In fact, it is a steel bar。
Every steel bar has wrist thickness,And plaid,He doesn’t believe in the summer, it can be bombarded and dried to kill himself.。
Don’t say,It is also the fist.。
“Truth,In fact, you can leave it.,But,You don’t cherish the opportunity to live。”
He looks at the head,Close to Iron Network again,Said with only two people,“Since you are going to die,I will make you a clear ghost.,In fact, I am a person in Suhang Zhang.,After Zhang Ping,I was sent out to integrate underground world.。”
“Certainty,Although I surnamed Zhang,But not Zhangjia’s 嫡,Just their chess pieces。”
His scorpion flashed a little hate,Also brushing a fear,“As far as I know,Zhang Jia is going to deal with you,Not their intention,It seems that it is still a big person behind it.,You have killed Zhang Wenmao before,Not my person。”