“what,what is this?”Dream to see the bag of the pillow。

Dreamy,Move the bag to the side。
Dream is watching her baby like a baby,I will know that it is a good thing in an instant.。
She laughed,road:“Fierce,Why is you so small?,I see what is it??” I’m robbed it.。
NS1920chapter You are grab
Dream after the dream,Laughing and watching dreams,“As a baby like a baby,I have to see what baby is.?”
“Delicate,Don’t be too much,Still also give your sister,How can I grab my sister??”Dream can’t see it.,I felt that my daughter was.,Now the daughter is like this.,How is this little daughter still don’t understand??
“Bamboo,dad,Let me see,Don’t worry,This is a sister’s thing,I have a sister to see if it is fine.,Which sisters are not noisy?”
Dream is not moving,Continue to open the paper bag。
“All right,Kid her dad,That’s it,Not stealing,Not grab,What is you so worried??”Dream mother is also a smile and advised。
Dream suddenly felt that I said that I am so pale in front of her daughter.。
He is a daughter,It is confused in the same year,I will lose their mother http://www.natural-change.cn and daughter.。
His ex-wife lives for love,Finally, it is injured.。
“Wow!This is a big brand of clothes.,it’s beautiful!elder sister,Are you ready to give me??”Dream is surprised to watch four colors different skirts,Every one is very beautiful,She has never passed so beautiful skirt。
really,It’s not the same as Lele.。
Dream is just dead。
Dream is soft and not a dream,I really don’t know what to say.?
“Put things down,Relationship with me and your,Do you think I will buy something to give you??”Dream soft voice is very cold,The eyes are indifferent。
In this world, she really has seen someone to harm the name of concern.,It’s just what。
That is the dream of the mother.。
Meet, how can I put down?,Looking at the dream smile laughing:“elder sister,Do you have four skirts here??Send me two。”
http://www.leaderyoung.cn “impossible。”Dream soft voice is full of grievances,I really want a slap in the face.。
“Ah,How can you be so small??I took this pink and white skirt.,Just as a gift for my sister.。”Dreams have given two skirts.,Put the paper bag back。
Dream is hated to watch her,The face is difficult to see。
“Put down your clothes,Ggo!”Quietly dream soft,Suddenly。
“Oops,Soft and soft,You can’t do it so much.,You are still sick now.,Isn’t it two clothes??Do you give you a sister??Why don’t you understand things??”Dream mother was shocked,After receiving a few steps, he worked heavyly.,Anyway, she saw this dream as uncomfortable.。
The whole body is like a tattoo tattoo.,I have no good face to her.。
“I don’t understand things.?”Dream is laughing,Cold look at her。
Dream mother looked at her indifferent expression,I am afraid of my heart.,This fierce character is the same as her mother.,It’s crazy to start crazy.,Unlike her daughter, it is both docile and stabilized。
“In the end, I don’t know what is still, your daughter is not sensible, you are very clear.,But every day is a little better.,You are only forty years old,It’s a long face, a wrinkle.,Every wrinkles are hidden with your sly and vicious,Don’t you remember what you have done??”
“My mother is older than you.,It can be more beautiful than you.,Especially these years are abroad,Find a very good boyfriend,Be very good。”
Dream soft,One word sentence,All the same poke in the heart of Dream Mother’s heart。
Dream mother, the most hated people in this life should be a dream soft mother.,That woman is really beautiful,Also very capable。
and,Nothing at all,Even the work of the work is not working.,Relatives and friends laugh at her,And she,I can’t leave my dreams,Every time I think of this.,Her face can be green.。