“Ah, ah, ah, bee, you will give me a bit.!Ah, you have to die.”

Chapter 599 All parties
Half,Green bee wrapped in a large bathrobe,Lazy shrinking on a soft sand,She is sitting on the bath towel opposite,Because some accidents lead to the Meiqin of Drown。
“so,This is the plan of the Qing Palace.?”After listening to the perfection,Gourmet beauty wave flow,Out of a smile look,“It’s really a simple and rude plan.。”
“Then do you have any good way??”Meiqin turned over white eyes,Obviously, it is still a bit of the behavior of the ear bee.,“Although I don’t know what he is going to do.”
“This can’t see it?”Gourmet bee laugh,“Don’t you really think about why you want to do this??”
“Consider thinking,only”Meiqin’s face flashed a confusion,“But in my opinion,Just just leave”
“Don’t need to be so laborious,Right?”Say bee,Summary from a coffee fruit plate of coffee,Naughty bite in the lips,Run the purple liquid slide into the corner of the face with his mouth.,With a thrilling beauty,Rao is Meiqin that has a sense of stunning in an instant.。
“What is so easy?。”The bee bee has a pair of stars in a far-reaching,“Under this situation,The strength of all parties is trying to restrain the last step.,Because everyone knows,Once who takes the lead,All means the thoroughness of the war。”
“So, in any case, there is a move,Will look unusually conspicuous,”The bee bee gently licked the mouth,“Behavior,In addition to the urban city,Wherever he goes abnormally。”
“In order not to make your own plan,He can only put everything now.。”Bee bee shrugged,“certainly,All this is based in the correct situation in the Qing Dynasty.。”
“War really starts?”Meiqin is silent,Talent is quiet,“There is always an unreal feeling。”
“Anything is the same。”Bee bee could not help but,“How much,It’s really interesting to look at the expression of this kind of expression of this kind of boy worried about his beloved.~”
“Your bad personality is more than the black son.。”Meiqin is gradually getting used to the speech habit of the bee,I will not pay attention to her over white.,“Don’t you??”
“Ah, ah.,Is it not refuted??”The bee bee smiles,Looking at the eyebrows of Meiqin, gradually provision,The more you can’t help but http://www.xmdy222.cn laugh,You can fly and fly.,The Meiqin who is watching is not worth a glimpse.。
She is keenly feeling,This look like the bee in front,It seems to let yourself say
“me”Half,The bee bee is gently sigh.,“Of course there is also ah.。”
“Unfortunately, he doesn’t remember me.。”
After leaving the hospital that left the Soil,The Qing Palace immediately opened position offset,Flying in stealthly dispels all around‘Lag’,The whole person flew to the direction of the seventh district。
To complete his plan,At least one prerequisite,And half of this premise is that the governor of him is already,And he is now to complete the remaining half。
Want to protect this city,It is impossible to stay here.,The Qing Palace already knows who is left to his opponent left,The last person of the right of the god,It is also the http://www.9989bba.cn strongest person who has never seen before the Qing Palace.。
To defeat this opponent,It is not possible to solve it by a cavity.,The Qing Palace must understand this person,I want to know a powerful magician,It is obviously unrealistic in the urban city of science and technology.。
If there is anything to understand the fire in the school city,Probably only Aresta has,The strongest big big big big side of the magical side must be easily defeated the fire of the right.,But the Qing Palace may expect him??
therefore,The Qing Palace has set this plan.。
A simple plan。
Seventh district,A rental house。
Since the last time the dark part is crushing-like war,Mai Yin’s proficiency is unstable and sent to the police of the police.,Indirectly lead‘ite’Disintegrate,Original‘ite’Several people are also forced to http://www.muyujob.cn separate,Dispersed into a different place in the urban city。
Cheap rental building,An unusual figure is quiet standing in front of the door,Silence for a long time,Sadness,Running the door of the room with a huge fist。
A few seconds,The door is slowly opened,Exposed a face with a faint alert,That is a brownhead、Teenager wearing a nose ring,It seems that it is just a normal high school.,But when he saw the people,The eye suddenly flashed a surprise color。
“have not seen you for a long time。”Liede deeply smoked,“Colander。”
at the same time,The other side of the seventh school district,Brown Bob’s girl is cold and looking at the door,Listening to getting closer footsteps,The air of the whisper is unconsciously started.。
“Ah, ah.,It surprised me that,Are you going to do this??”Can be followed,A very familiar voice is accompanied by footsteps,Let the actions of the Siqi’s favorite the whole person to attack the attack.。
“Really,It is rare to see an old friend.。”Next second,Flanvissevillan smiled and appeared at the door,“I haven’t seen it for a long time.!”
“It’s you?”Siqi is the most loved ones.。
In some cafés in the seventh school district。
Sitting quietly on the card,The face is calm looking at the refreshing teenager in front of,In his opposite,The magician who posing as a heroic identity of the sea is a coconut apple juice.。