And the last game he also looks clear.,The woman is just a billiard.,Don’t say a master,She is not as good as ordinary people.。

Moreover,Among them, I have a few opportunities to win.,Be unbained。
Just only explain one problem。
The other person is very lucky.。
Can only be luck。
“Give money。”
The bald head is cold.,Then look at Su Xiaoxue,“continue。”
Twenty-eighth game,Start。
result……Su Xiaoxiao also won the first23Minute。
Still luck。
Chapter 29。
The bald head is like the summer,The more you become more,The more anger,The more you get the ball。
Just in Su Xiaodue nineteen,The bald head pushes a colorful ball to the bag.……Show out,Nausea your own big fearless spirit。
Su Xiaoxue wins again。
Now now,The bald head will not only win the two thousand five thousand five thousand five before.,Instead, it lost 50,000。
There are many people on the scene.。
Just have no initial hustle and bustle。
Atmosphere is quite strange。
Look at Su Xiaoxiao’s gaze is more strange。
There is really this in the world.?
This beautiful quiet girl,I won four consecutive games?
This Nima is not a dream.。
But except luck,Whether it is a lively ordinary person,Still the head of the head,Even including the bald head,No one can give the second more reasonable explanation。
Su Xiaodiao’s posture is not standard,No more controlling,Will not use the ball,More talk about hours and various gorgeous rods。
But she won,And win the four consecutive games。
In fact,,Many people can see,The bald head is like a magic.,No matter how to adjust the angle,Why can’t you do it?。
And always mistakes at critical moments。
Even Su Xiaodiao is quite surprised。
Because sometimes she looks clear,Even how to pretend to defense,The other party also has a chance to win,But not into the ball。
The bald head doesn’t know,His initial angle is correct.,Just repeatedly wrong,I started to doubt myself,Then the adjustment angle of consciousness will。
in this way,He does not lose。
Bald head……Very tragic,More is anger anger。
But this frightened anger,But I don’t know where to vent.。