Not finished,Goblin face。

Summer eyelids are also awkward。
He sees a meteorite that is not big.,From one side。
The speed of the meteorite is much faster than what they are in this meteorite.,And from the trajectory of its flooding,How long does it take for a collision with their meteorite?。
Universe and land。
Every meteorite flying has a set of trajectories,It’s hard to change。
The two do not hesitate,At the same time,Put the speed to the ultimate,Stay away from the foot meteorite。
When they capture a size of only a housing size,The rear came from an extremely thorn light。
There is no sound in the universe.,But this explosion shock wave,But let the surrounded by all the meteorites,All fly away from the set of stages。
Just like breaking the rules,That area,From time to time, there is a meteorite collided together。
Far away,It seems that huge fireworks are constantly blooming.。
And generated distance shock waves,Waves two people,Let them stand unstable。
“Too dangerous。”
This is the thoughts of summer and Gongjian.。
If it is not flying in time,I am afraid that they will fall into the kind of empty energy.。
Under the situation,Even without dead,It is also randomly throwing the power of the shock wave.。
“Can’t stay for a long time,Continue to rush。”
The two will start again,To the nearest meteorite,And again,Continuously adjust the orientation。
NS3937chapter Mining person
NS3937chapter Mining person
All the way,Summer and Gogjian must be identified,Also have a flight trajectory of meteorites。
At the same time, be careful not to collide with other meteorites in the middle.。
In the universe,Endless violent energy,And more dangerous gravity。
Once it is caught in it,Those tear power is very large。
Both people fall into a crisis due to insufficient experience,Under each other, I will barely escape.,Falling on a big meteorite,Make a white face,Shoul。
The universe is too dangerous.。
I accidentally and die。
Universe,More dangerous。
Everything is full of energy farms,Even if the Tongtian is here,Very small。
So-called Tongtian,Also barely can survive in the universe。
“I often listen,When there is a mining team in the universe, there is no,Their goal is these meteorites。”