“Um,I have already found Chen Huai Yan to get over.,If you really fight here,The sea is not necessarily。so,If they are willing,Can arrange them to the north。”Zhao Xiangni nodded。

“and,To make arrangements。Lu Jiajun has already arrived at the foot of the mountain.,Cannot do。”
“Until,People who want to stay”
Yu Yuyu,Wu Qi,Tiger three recognizes really listening,From time to time, two points,opinion。
Four people discuss,Direct discounted for an afternoon。
Next day,Zhao Xiangguo started to arrange hundreds of http://www.afhymat.cn people in Taolongzhai。
Hundreds of people,Willing to add the bloody youth of the anti-war,Zhao Xiangpi has a lack of quadruple team,Team by Wu Qihe。
Most of the people who have no combat power have been aged.,And your child,Places that start from northern security。
There are also some people who are not in battlefield.,Four people also give them a right arrangement。
Within a week,Everyone in Taolong Village,Basic arrangement。Chen Jiajun,Also started in three mountain cloth。Lu Jiajun,Already in the distance outside the mountain,Stationed in the camp。
war,As if!
After a multi-month treatment,It has been able to faintly think of yourself in my own forgotten a little memory for many years.。
this day,It is the most critical day of giving Grugshirti needle。Yunqin has been looking for Gger Mu for two hours earlier than ever.。
After two sentences,Yunqin starts to give Gunt Shi Needle。
Look at the location,Yunqin pinching a slender silver needle,Little in the piercing。
One,Two,Three as more and more silver needles,sit on the chair,Grid of closed eyes,Brow gradually wrinkled,The fine slim begins to appear from the Glam head.。
GG Mu started,The head is slightly shaking,The whole person seems to fall into a deep dream。This undoubtedly increased the difficulty of Yunqin’s appliances.,Highly concentrated,Overdraft spirit,Let Yunqin forehead also started to emerge。
Next to Yunqin’s Yongsong,The first time I found that the strangeness of Yunqin,I immediately walked forward,Use yourself clean,Soft lined sleeves,Wipe Yun Qin。
Focus on finding the junqin,It’s completely different.,Did not respond to Yusong,But if Verous is not concerned。Wipe the Yunqin sweat,Returned to the original position。
And the Musa husband and wife waiting next to,See Giru eyebrows,Obviously uncomfortable,I want to go to the front.,Chasing Yunqin。only,The two just have to open,It is easy to use the eyes to stop using the eyes.。
he knows,It should now be a critical moment.,Can not easily bother Yunqin。
Musa husband and wife can only do an urgent waiting,I dare not bother again.。
A while,Giru whole person is soft.,Booth on the back。Yunqin calls out long breath,Straight up,No longer continuing。
“Xie Miss,How about it?Girm,He is fine.?Just, he seems to be very painful.。”
See Yunqin seems to stop,Musa husband and wife immediately,Chasing Yunqin,Gger。
“rest assured,He is fine,Just just memory neutrophic,Gree began to restore your own memory。”Yunqin is slightly unable to pass。
“He is just sleeping.,Next day before night,Should wake up,that time,He will remember our own memory。”
Listening to Yunqin said Gger Mu,Musta husband and wife immediately made a breath,Nodded,good,They know。
Know that Yunqin should be very tired at this time,Yi Song quickly helped the Yunqin,This time, Yunqin is back to Yisian, a grateful smile.。Then it is very pleasant to the line。
Easy to laugh,Also look at Musa husband:“Yunqin has just consumed a bit big,I help you take a break.。”
Musta quickly nod,Mandabay is easy to talk to him,“Oh,right,Too!Mr. Yi comes here with me,Let Miss Xie take a rest http://www.lyzhizuo.cn on,This is warmer。”
Narrate,Yi Song nodded,Tangly greeted,Sorry directly hugs up Yunqin,After the Musa,Put people in a warm passion。
Ju Mu,Yunqin demand,Mustar husband and wife don’t move Jamu,Just giving GG Mu’s bed thick quilt,Cover in Giru,Prevent Gger。
Yunqin,I also slept in the mouth.。