His eye and pattern,Too much than the same age。

Even if it is an old http://www.zqzhongxin.cn man,Also jealous of the ancient morning。
He always does not have traces,Will always have a wonderful fisherman。
Those who are calculated,Those who lost all people,Even if I go back to my head carefully,It is also difficult to notice where he is lost.,When I was calculated everything。
A sentence is circulated in the circle,Ancient morning to calculate a person,Even the other party ran to the end of the world,It is also an ancient morning calculation.。
Why is this at the door?,Ming Yusheng and Ming Hongxuan face ancient morning,It will also be invisible to the autonomy.。
This person is Wen Wenya,Temperamentity,Always hang a signature smile,But no one is not afraid。
Confused summer,Those who know him……Or who are repaired by him,Also know,This is not a kind。
Destroy white home,Indifferent,Stepping on Feng Tian,Waste Qin,Xu Bo,Yang Haoyu,Chen Feiyang,Have been repaired by him。
The key is that this guy is not only a high force.,And personality is incredible,Erratic,Completely touched。
Now now,If it is a common person,In the face of ancient can’t be marked,At most counterattack。
Unfortunately, the summer is not ordinary people.。
Can you have to do more。
Now two people,Xu Bo is happy to see the lively。
The first reaction is not ancient morning。
Instead, it is not far from the ancient morning.,Rush out of a figure。
It is before following youth.。
His speed is extremely fast,People have not arrived,The whistling the wind is already thorough,At present, it has arrived in the past,Swords directly hit the summer door。
The sound is derived from ancient morning。
A http://www.sankikeiso.cn punch,Stop。
Youth,Standing behind ancient morning,But a pair of eyes staring in the summer,At all, don’t hide killing。
Ancient morning is not panicked, take out handkerchief from your pocket,Wipe the wine on the face,Alideic,“what do you mean?”
He converges a smile,The voice is very calm,A pair of eyes bright。
More and more calm,Fear。
But people who understand the ancient morning can see it.,He moved to anger。
“I am not a person in your circle.,The guart of your shit is useless.。”
Summer look straight at him,“Laozi is just a pair of fists,I want to provoke and calculate me later.,Trouble is best not to follow。”
Toned,His eyes swept over Xu Bo,Yang Haoyu,Qin Haotian et al.,Then the back of the arm point at them。