Basically, Nan Ge and Zheng Yulan are chatting,Most time is Nan Ge talking,Zheng Yulai listened quietly。Zhou Zhiyou held hot tea quietly listened to two monsters chatting。

The group is stunned:“A big monster。”
槐 disdain:“what is this!But it is a big enough、A serious animal!”
The group is like he can’t hear him.,Continue hummur,The little eyes are full of embarrassment:“Waiting for the group of people,Will it be a big、Such a powerful monster!”
“You are a big cat……”
“To shut up!Stupid!”
“Even my name is incomplete!!Be stupid!”
“Do you think that the group is so stupid like you??Do you think two,The group of people wants to say a message,Have a loss!”The big group is very compassionate to this old monster,“This doesn’t understand……”
I don’t know if I don’t know how to hung.,My heart is diluted because of the feelings of the demon death.。
Not long after the sports class time。
Still is a video operation,Thirty wavebupes per person,In addition, the girl is squatting.,Blessing thirty push-ups,The intensity is much better than the beginning of this semester.。Zhouzhi feels very good,May be better than the previous physical education class。
Thirty wavebop,Men and women doing fine differences,Only Zhou Zhi and Nan Ge can do one-time。
Most classmates do ten once a time,I have been panting.,Then take at least a few minutes。After doing thirty, it is already more than ten or twenty minutes.。
There are also squats and push-ups……
Nan Ge quickly finished the wavebi jump,I started doing push-ups again,Not to do a single hand,Really loved the limelight。
The group is no longer talking with the stupid.,She is quietly squatting on the back of Nange,Looking up at the vicinity:“Depth,Are you playing games??The group of people also want to play?”
“We are in class。”Zhou。
“Born。”Nan Ge shouted。
“20、21……Nan Ge, your head is estimated to be grabbed by the adults.。”Nange on the screen made a single hand push-up,And the eyes of Zhouzi were killed by the group.、Bright crystal big eyes firmly attracted,“You do one hundred and useless。”
“25……30,All right。”
Nan Ge came up from the ground,I will grab the phone from the hand from the hand.,And said to Zheng Yu-yan on the side:“This person is annoying!”
Zheng Yuzi smile,Do not speak。
Nan Ge looks at the screen。
When the video is difficult to send,The reaction of the students below is really similar to the difference between the weeks.。The main reason is that everyone has gradually accustomed to Nan Ge’s power in the first few weeks.,So now it is emerging in the charm of the group.。
But chat talk,The building is 歪。
Zhong Xin:Nange also has loaded
Becoming:Nan Ge, your weight-bearing cat bought?How many kilograms?I also want to buy an same paragraph.。
Chen Yang:It seems that it is a group of people who are reducing.
Zhong Xin:Oh!!!