Not long,They have not been cleared。

Only talking to the ancestor,Let them have not completely lost。
From time to time,Like a crying of soul。
Occasionally, the floating lonely wild ghost,But they want to catch,Suddenly disappeared。It can be seen that it can’t touch,It seems that the space of the soul of the soul is different from them.。
I walked for a long time.,A huge building in their eyes。
Not a legendary ghost town、Yinbu,But a cemetery。
When they see the moment of the cemetery,Ambient,Haunts in their hearts。
Phabitation first discovery problem,Submers doing the body,At this moment, the staple of the stars。Such a corpse,They have seen,That is before the old ancestors。
蜃 蜃 does not grow the dead,But its body is blocked by the velocity visible with the naked eye,Flourish。Unrealistic power,To eradicate the virtual illusory。
It does not hesitate to urge Huangquan wand,Robbery will wrap the demon。
The mysterious corpse curse recovered in the top ten body,But the black footprint from the ancestor is also started.,Curse the lacquer magic light,Since the meditation, a magical fire,Start incineration of the body of their soil。
There are things like lime from them to peel off,Corps mixed。
The robbery from Huangquan wand wrapped 10 people,Not refund,Rushing to the huge cemetery。
蜃 蜃 蜃,Rising memories,It knows that only rushed to the cemetery,They have a living road,But after entering,There must definitely have an unimaginable crisis。
But they have no choice。
Dinnish robbery into the mysterious cemetery,It seems like a corpse,Full of death、Desperate and corrosion,This is similar to the breath of the cemetery,So they are subject to the cursed curse,Instead, it is greatly reduced。
After entering the cemetery,They see the same graves like 12 mountains.。
Every big grave makes them think of Montenegro,Do not,More terrible than Montenegro。A big grave to their nearest,Like a bird of a bird,to be exact,This big grave,Just a wreck of a wing,But high is full of feet。
This debris is dark golden wreck,The wings of the obvious and large graves are not the same species,Skulls have broken,Bulge,That is like a funerary。But see how popular is wide.,“Is the skeleton of the five-claw gold dragon。”
Under endless years,The skeletal bones are dead,But the essence is still a breathase of the ultimate panic。
Huangquan wand also put away arrogance,The robbery shrinks a lot,Did not try to invade any one inch bones。
There are many rare refineries to cherish rare refineries next to the skeleton of the five-claw gold dragon.——Yinmu。
This is an extremely hard and corrosive spiritual material.,But they are ambiguous like copper-rust at this moment.,Sore hundred holes,Obviously suffered extremely strong corrosion。
And I don’t know how many years have you experienced,I will make the immortal downtown yinmu eroded into this way.。
When they pay attention to this,A frankly blowing。
Mud man,Riffine horror,Swelling of their body,Rapid volatilization。
“go。”蜃 蜃 蜃 没 动 动 动 语 语,Huangquan wand penetrates the same ominous breath。Ten black imprints come out from weathered mud in the body,Swallow the blood,As the monster, like a shadow, it is close to Huangquan wand.。
That wind energy can weathered everything,But when I met Huangquan Wand,Corrosion speed is slow。
Just slowing down,Not stop。
When the wand leaves,Roll up a fist size dark gold bone。A small bone,It seems that it is as heavy as a hillside。
The wind behind chasing,But the wand did not abandon the bone。
It seems that the direction is more clear than the embarrassment.,The stick is a touch of red light,Full of ominous meaning,Aggression against the cold and strange wind。
More and more wet around,Huangquan who disappears begins to appear。
At this time,Sitting Su Tu on the cliff,Enthusiastic golden blood,A faint red light,Influx in the abyss,It seems to open a road。
Ten people、The curse from the ancestors from the demon,Immediately send dark folk,In the barter world,There are some 璀璨。
Black 璀璨。
The force of a traction appears on Huangquan Wand。