Li Tianchou turned his head and looked at the rascals on the ground,“Leave guys behind,If you can go, get out now。”Explain like this,can say that‘Before the war’Privileged treatment。

The iron door finally can’t hold it“Kang Dang”Fell down half,A dozen young tattooed men rushed in,Holding all kinds of murder weapons,Yelling,Extremely arrogant。The young man in the green shirt and the others started limping and running towards the door。
The people who rushed in suddenly found a few colorful people jumping over,Acting weird,I’m about to pick up the guy,But suddenly found out that it was his own,One by one was stunned on the spot。Just then Li Tianchou roared,“Knock these gangsters out of the construction site。”People have swooped out。
Er Kun and Daxiong first reacted,Screamed and rushed out,Others followed suit,Dozens of people holding wooden sticks、Pickaxe、shovel,How fierce the battle is。The bastard who just rushed in has not had time to sympathize with his injured brother,I found that the momentum was very bad,I was screaming arrogantly just now,Now I am full of horror。They wonder,When did these docile mud legs become as ferocious as a wolf。
The fat guy in the lead is not convinced,The guy with a wave of his hand is about to reorganize the brothers to work,Sudden sense“Boring”The sound of,I feel sore in my arms,The machete in his hand has flown far away。Take a closer look,A young migrant worker with brilliant eyes has reached him with a wooden stick,Followed by a snap,Deep pain in the calf,People already kneel to the ground involuntarily,After the pain spread all over the nerves, he didn’t figure out when the other party beat him again。
The fat man fell down at the first sight,The gangsters suddenly panicked,They suffer in numbers,The weapons are incomparable to those of the migrant workers,Use the small knife in your hand against the big shovel,That’s just looking for death,So the person who reacted immediately turned his head and ran away。The scene when escaping is very different from when you rush in,Especially the speed is more prominent,Ran away clean in an instant。
The poor fat man and the green shirt youth did not run away,Everyone was holding their heads in fear。But Li Tianchou didn’t even look at these people,Carrying a wooden stick, he chased out the door。
The sight outside the door made Li Tianchou take a breath,The narrow road is crowded with people,There are also numbers six and seventy,Looks like this bald brother Bin has lost face,I came desperately today。The workers who followed behind were also frightened by the battle in front of them.,Standing by Li Tianchou’s side, afraid to rush forward。
May face large-scale group fights,Li Tianchou naturally does not shoot,But what he is worried about is that there are too many people to control,Will kill。Only catch the thief first,Quickly resolve the battle,Is the safer way。He quickly looked for the bald head among the crowd,Since I have met once,Should be a little impressed。
But only glanced,Li Tianchou gave up the idea just now,The other party has several tattooed bald heads,It’s hard to tell under the dim light。The most important thing is that some of them have a long barrel firearm,Although it’s not a serious gun,But it has a lot of damage,Never underestimate。No wonder the other party is full of confidence,So clamor。
No time for him to consider,A big man dressed in black hurdles stood on high and fired a shot in the sky,Bang like a command,“Fuck them to Lao Tzu。”The bastards rushed over while carrying the guy and yelling strangely。
Li Tianchou look around,Except Erkun、Big bear、Second Artillery and other few,Most others are nervous,I started to play drums in my heart,Soft legs,A few more,Like monkeys, they have already started running back。He was worried,Continue like this,The situation will be one-sided,That’s terrible。
Li Tianchou said nothing,He rounded the stick in his hand towards the black hurdle where the gun was shot, and threw it over,The thick wooden sticks hovered fast with the sound of the wind,The shocking momentum flew over the heads of the gangsters,This surprised the gangsters,Watching the flying trajectory of this stick,The cowardly bowed his head,He hugged his head quickly with both hands,Who knows where this stuff flies。
And at the moment that black hurdle is very proud of his spear,I didn’t expect the other party to come such a hand,In addition, the sight is blocked at night,I didn’t notice the danger at all。“Bang”Muffled,The black hurdle was smashed by a wooden stick,Falling from height with a scream,No sound。
This trick is very shocking,Take advantage of the dumbfounded effort,Li Tianchou has already flew out,Waved a punch at the nearest big man,Big man eating pain,Crouched and crouched over his face,But the machete in his hand has been snatched by Li Tianchou。His next target is another big bald man with a torch。
Hand-to-hand start,Er Kun and Big Bear, two tower-like guys are obviously hard-handed fights,Seeing Li Tianchou so brave,Naturally not to be left behind,The two shouted at the same time and rushed forward。The guys in these two hands are too fierce,One is a shovel,One is a four-sided wooden stick,Like two plague gods,Almost no one dares to stop。
Actually, the combat effectiveness of the bullies is quite poor,Has no strengths other than crowds。And more than half of the people were gathered temporarily,You can’t count as Brother Bin,Just take money to help build up。
Being so charged by Li Tianchou,The gangsters were messed up immediately,The opponent’s play is simply desperate,The timid ran away long ago,I got a small red envelope of 50 yuan for a fight,Not guilty of life。But as long as someone runs,Someone followed,The migrant workers behind ran away by a third before they rushed up。