This winter, I went to a migratory bird for a migrant bird.

From December 11th to 13th, the 2nd Poyang Lake International Watching Week will be held in Jiujiang, Nanchang, Shangrao. This is the second time in our province. The provincial party committee, the provincial government attaches great importance to the full release of rich ecology, humanities and other resources, and makes the activities better, more refined, and more influential, and build a bright business card for the green ecological brand of our province. What new highlights have the second bird of watching? How is the preparation situation? On December 5, the reporter went to the main venue of this event – "China Wan Bird Town" Jiujiang City Yongxiu County Wucheng Town, along the Birds Road. Wan only, the winter, the birds have arrived in Poyang Lake. This winter migrant bird food is full of 30:25 on September 11, and the four national second-level protected animal white hbs in Poyang Lake will become the first batch of winter migratory birds in the autumn, winter migration. This is opened. The monitoring of November 28 shows that there are thousands of migratory birds, including 7 kinds of national first-level protected animals, and more than 3,500 provincial birds.

According to forecasting, when the Ben Watching Week is held, the number of migratory birds in the lake area will reach the peak, which may exceed 700,000.

Qiu Wen, Party Secretary and Director of the Provincial Forestry Administration, said that the province’s forestry system organized the strength of the province to continue the "carpet" inspector in the lake area, forming a cross-overlapping patrol network, achieving full coverage of the patrol area, ensuring the migratory bird in Pingan Winter in Jiangxi .

So much migratory birds come to Poyang Lake "to be a guest", is their food sufficient? "This year, the number of migratory birds in the lake area is more than previous years, especially more swans and geese.

"Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve Authority (hereinafter referred to as" Fu Baobao ") Wu Jiandong, Wu Jidong, said that the water level and changing rhythm of Poyang Lake will affect some of the growth of some migratory birds.

In order to meet the birds around the bird, the bureau has started an emergency deployment from late October, pay close attention to the changing situation in the lake area and the changes in habitat in the protected area, and take active response measures. "There are two reasons for the number of winter migratory birds, one is that the water level in the lake area is low, and the area is large, and the temperature is high, the grass in the grass is more in previous years; second Poyang Lake returned ban results, fish resources Rich, the people in the Lake District are greatly reduced, and the migratory bird ‘gallbladder’ is bigger, more migratory birds come to the winter.

Wu Jidong said that the time node contributing to this Bird Week event will gradually regulate the water level to the most suitable position, protect the migratory birds all the winter food.

"We also do the emergency plan for extreme weather. If the migratory birds are deficient, we will feed bird food in some son lakes in the protected area, including rice, lotus roots, etc. Now, the emergency plan is not used. .

Wu Jiandong said.

Newly added 4 views of bird points, the original bionic bird booth is upgraded. It is reported that the birds have reached 15, including 6 in Jiujiang: Yongxiu County Wu Cheng Town Dahu Po, Changhu Pool, Zhu City Lake Zhu Zhu, Donghu, Quezi District, Lushan City; 5 of Nanchang and Shangrao, 4, 4, more than the first new Chai Synssan, Zhu Zongshan, Yu dry 4 view of the birds in the continental and Kangshan diploves.

On the same day, the reporter saw in Wu Cheng. The second bird of viewing the birds is basically ready. The organizers have upgraded the original bionic bionic bird booth, with migratory bird wings for inspiration, integration experience, conference accommodation, tourism services, etc. Multi-functional event hopes – (China) Poyang Lake Ecological Civilization Convention and Exhibition Center has been built; the high-standard ecological civilization research base for wetland migratory birds has also been completed.

"Every watching point has added a number of high-efficiency telescopes, which posted 20 common migratory bird appearances, and the introduction cards of habits. Through China, English, Japanese, and Korean four language demonstrations.

Each bird is equipped with 3 Chinese and 1 English speaker, 3 security and 3 cleaning staff.

Liu Jia, the relevant person in charge of Yong Xiuwuguan Bird Town Scenic Area Operation Management Co., Ltd. Trees, rattan "camouflage", strive to design models, do not bother the migratory bird habitat. Location area, parking lot and other supporting facilities are more perfect, fully meet the parking of various types of vehicles during the event.

The epidemic prevention and control initiative further declares that the influence of the epidemic, the province’s guest invites the guests of this Bird Week event, but the overall continuation of the first internationalization, specialization, socialization, invitation More than 600 guests at home and abroad, including some national embassies or representatives, and representatives of international organizations in China.

In order to do a good job in the prevention and control of the epidemic, our province has been closely implemented around the three links of "anti-control, protection", and further implement the epidemic prevention and control measures. Not only the construction of the first entry, the decoration worker carried out nucleic acid detection, but also required all self-health monitoring from 14 days before the event, in the first 48 hours of nucleic acid detection, and the temperature measurement, check code, not only in the first 48 hours. The test is equal.

Provincial People’s Hospital, many hospitals have set the medical room, the isolation room, and provide all-round health protection, let the guests and tourists feel comfortable, comfortable, and they feel the beauty of the bird paradise. ● Related chain views must know experts say that bird of view is mainly to observe the type and quantity of birds, focus on rare bird species and new discoveries, should pay attention to the following: First, prohibiting drones from shooting birds. Due to the flight, it will make noise when flying, and the migratory bird may be frightened.

If you find that there is a drone, you first advise the holders, such as repeated teaching, the Fujian Bureau takes a joint public security department to further measure. Second, the bird watchman to the bird watching bird, is already the most recent distance. It is strictly forbidden birds to go on the beach, or enter the migratory bird habitat.

Third, don’t wear colorful clothes while watching birds, so as not to scare birds.

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