Yichang Yidu Municipal Commission Office "Four hard" to achieve the compiling agency does not meet the approval of the "four four noes"

  Closely linked to the implementation of the node, to promote "There are tricks" to carry out "without hindrance."

Adhere to the planning guide, step by step, promote co-ordination, to develop the implementation plan, planning, training, to ensure that does not meet advance approval have programs planned, measures drag, form work force.

First, find the "fine force" on program development.

In-depth research, to study in focus discussion on the basis of carefully developed implementation plan, develop promotion plan, clear objectives, tasks, time requirements, implementation steps, ensure targeted. Second, seek "precise force" on the path planning.

Based in reality, the pilot first, the demonstration mode, select the business for a large amount of education, the health system as a pilot platform to carry out the relevant tests and trial run, run smoothly and then fully implemented. To ensure that institutions continue to prepare the operational level during the trial, the transition period to implement the two-track run "online and offline."

After the official full implementation, no longer receiving line under paper materials.

The third is to seek "aggregation of power" in the formulation of measures. The convening of preparation of the city agency "does not meet" approval mobilization will, unity of thinking, consensus. By focusing explanation, published materials, site to answer, online consulting, etc., to carry out pre-job practical hands-on training to improve the system of cadres of various departments and personnel competence.

  Sound mechanism fulcrum, run "there are rules" to implement "no quibble."

Adhere to problem-oriented, goal-oriented, results-oriented, improve the responsibility system, improve the working mechanism, strengthen departmental interaction, to ensure that the reform does not meet the approval effective, brings together the work force.

One is seeking "force the implementation of the" on accountability mechanisms. Clearly the responsibility of each unit personnel, according to the duties and powers were set up personal accounts, giving administrators, who handle the different functional roles, auditors, so that the operating staff by post, according to the responsibility to perform their duties. The third is to seek "force of constraint" on the working mechanism. Allotment preparation institution name system CA certificate, the development unit application, the Commission Office accepted the leadership review, gone through standardized business processes, printing business approval guidelines, so that online check real-time process control, real-time progress can handle the investigation, the results in real time can be handled Su.

Second, seek "protection force" in the linkage mechanism. Strengthen coordination and cooperation with the agency and staffing organizations, human society, finance and other departments to promote the use of the preparation, staffing, salaries approved, funds appropriated, seamless real-name system management, information sharing timely comparison, real-time data synchronization linkage. Key outstanding specification, clean-up "has Ruler", the data "error-free."

Adhere to pragmatic, scientific and standardized, accurate and comprehensive, clear, standardized adjustment system data to ensure the data is accurate, timely, error-free, to build a work force end.

One is seeking "power standards" in the specification historical data. Since the real-name system in accordance with provincial Commission Office system specifications and data agency staffing situation, a comprehensive clean-up real name system of the data content, format, focusing on cleaning up the party and government institutional reform, government agencies and public institutions set the affiliation because of a change occurs personnel adjustment data.

Second, standardized seeking "quality of power" on missing data.

On the part of incomplete history, job duties, and so on into the knitting basis, by referring to the original file information, documents and other supplementary basis, adjust, improve, improve data quality. The second is to find "aging force" standard on the new data. Sectoral submitted by compiled, edited and down the request, in a timely manner according to the procedure for review, insist on fast trial fast guitar, the audit is not the next day, but the night feedback. To meet the requirements of rapidly handling; do not meet the requirements, promptly dismissed and told why.

  Cohesion block leakage, control "with a yardstick," Business "no backlog." Adhere to scientific and effective, complete system control in a timely manner, strengthen management, information systems and carry out data checks to ensure the full, complete and accurate, real-name system to enhance the effectiveness of the work of data. One is seeking "the whole force" on the comprehensive inspection.

With the preparation of the annual statistical agency, the city staff to prepare the case to conduct a comprehensive physical examination to ensure data quality, as well as next year’s budget, cadres equipped with knitting approved, provide the basis for a compiled program.

Second, seek "to strengthen the force" in the daily verification.

Daily update of data entry staff to implement, stock room person in charge of verification, responsible person in charge of the audit, by strengthening the daily management of the prison data "doorway." The third is to seek "effective force" on a regular spot checks.

Monthly checks to verify the information system, internal control system data, unit-by inspection, preparation and organization of personnel information problems found in the inspection, a timely reminder to revise and improve relevant departments to ensure that the data is accurate, standardized and effective.