The second plenary meeting of the 19th Central Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China

The second plenary meeting of the Ninth Central Discipline Inspection Committee of the Communist Party of China was held in Beijing from January 11 to 13, 2018.

There were 133 members of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection, and attended 177. General Secretary of the Communist Party of China, President of the National Communist Party, and Chairman of the Central Military Commission Xi Jinping attended the plenary meeting and issued an important speech.

Looking at the meeting, Wang Yang, Wang Huning, Zhao Le, Han Zheng and other party and national leaders attended the meeting. The Plenary was hosted by the Standing Committee of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission.

The Plenary Session is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era, and fully implements the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party. Research and deployment of 2018: Comrade Zhao Leji’s representative of the Standing Committee of the Central Commission for Discipline Committee is "in Xi Jinping’s new era Chinese characteristics" Socialist thinking provides guidance to implement the party’s 19th National Code from Strictly Administer Party Strategic Deployment.

Plenary earnestly studied, and profoundly collected important speeches of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

Consistently, the speech stood in the global height of the new era of the party and the national business development, and the 19th National Congress of the Party of China has further summed up the important experience of strict treatment of the party in five years. The risk and challenges, emphasizes the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, completing the great cause must rely on the party’s leadership, the party must have a new meteorological as a new meteorological, to fully implement the 19th National Spirit of the Party, in the road to the road Comprehensively, from the guilt of the party. The speech will be high, and the innocent, the connotation is rich, and the principomicity, showing a firm belief, distinct people’s position, tenacious will quality, strong history, explain the new era, the Chinese Communist Party is not changed, it is unhappy, self-revolution, 砥 砥Effortless political character and revolutionary spirit. General Secretary Xi Jinping sent a new requirement to discipline inspection and supervision organs and discipline inspection and supervision cadres. The spirit of studying the important speech of General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important political task of the whole party. It is necessary to interact with the 19th National Spirit of the Party. A central decision-making deployment is a well-grained. The plenary meeting stated that the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the Party was to resolutely safeguard General Secretary of Xi Jinping in the party Central Committee and the core status of the Party, and resolutely safeguard the party’s central authority and concentrated leadership; the key is to consciously use Xi Jinping New era Chinese characteristics Theoretical Ideological Armed Punner, Guiding Practice, Promoting Work; the key is to firmly promote the development of the party from severely deepening. The discipline inspection and supervision organs at all levels will be clearly recognized that the current anti-corruption struggle is still serious and complicated. It is comprehensive from the strict governance of the party. It must take the "strict" word for a long time, and firmly Not move.

To adhere to the problem-oriented, maintain a strategic, eliminate the interference, not easy, non-stop, then start, in persistence, in deepening, and strive to seize comprehensive from strict governance of the party greater strategic results.

The plenary session emphasized that in 2018, the opening of the 19th National Spirit of the Party was the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up. It is a crucial year of the "13th Five-Year Plan", and do a good job of discipline inspection and supervision. major. It is necessary to guide the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping to implement the 19th National Strategic Deployment, I don’t forget the initial heart, keep in mind the mission, enhance the "four awareness", and firm "four confidence", faithful to fulfill the party constitution and constitution The responsibility, closely around the comprehensive leadership of the party, closely around the maintenance of General Secretary of China, in the heart of the Party Central Committee and the whole party, closely around the maintenance party’s central authority and centralized leadership, adhere to the party to manage the party, comprehensive From the strict governance of the party, adhere to the steady and strive to enter the work of the work, supervise the implementation of the party constitution and the implementation of the party’s 19th National Congress, with the party’s political construction as a leading, comprehensively promote the party’s construction, and deepen national supervision system reform , Perseverance is the struggle, in-depth promotion of anti-corruption struggle, create a good political ecology, strengthen self-supervision, consciously accept supervision, and build loyal and clean, the discipline inspection and supervision cadres, and provide strong guarantees for the final build a well-off society . First, put the party’s political construction first. Strictly political discipline and political rules, strengthen the supervision and inspection of the implementation of political living in the party, the party’s route policy, and democratic centralized system, highly alert to the "seven" problems, resolutely clearing the party is not loyal Honest, Yang Fengyin violates two sides, two parties. Focus on political position, political principles, political actions and political discipline, strengthen supervision and obsection, strictly use people’s political relationship, honest cleansing, image and comprehensive purification of political ecology within the party. Second, we will comprehensively promote the reform of national inspection system. Strengthening the unified leadership of anti-corruption work, build a unified command, comprehensive coverage, and efficient and efficient supervision system, and achieve full coverage of all public officials of all exercise power.

Seriously perform supervision, investigation, disposal duties, explore the formation of efficient and smooth monitoring work, and achieve effective unity of discipline review and investigation and investigation, strengthen the monitoring organs, procuratorial organs, law enforcement departments, and transform the system advantage into Governance effectiveness. Third, consolidate the expansion to implement the national provisions of the central provisions.

Leading cadres must take the lead in transforming the style, often swaying performance, find a gap, sticking to the body, with the ultimate rate to form a "head geese effect". Carry forward the nail nail, a node is sticking, pay attention to the new performance of the "four winds" issues, in the opposition formalism, bureaucracy is more hard, and the state is high, and the actions are less than the serious accountability. Resolutely oppose privileged ideas and privilege phenomena, education guides party members leading cadres to enhance the people’s feelings, strictly restrict themselves, and strictly teaches home style. Fourth, let the patrol swords are more demonstrated.

Formulate central inspection work plan, implement inspection work policy, and deepen political inspections in political construction, coordinate regular inspections, deepen special inspections, strengthen the motor inspection, and use inspection results, pay close attention to the implementation of rectification, and improve full coverage.

In-depth investment, establish an inspection of the supervision network of the inspection of the upper and lower links. Fifth, comprehensively strengthen the party discipline construction.

Carry out recurrent discipline education, play advanced typical leading demonstrations and typical warning education.

After persistence, after punishment, the sick and rescue policy, deepen the use of supervision and discipline "four forms", strengthen the daily supervision and discipline, targeting the establishment of the selection, and tighter the fence of the system. Sixth, consolidate the evil situation of developing anti-corruption struggles. Adhere to the non-ban area, full coverage, zero tolerance, insist on curb, strong high pressure, long shock, insist on accepting bribes, unswerving, accurate and orderly, focusing the party’s 18th National Congress, no business leading cadres , Focus on investigate political issues and economic issues to interact with corruption in the formation of interest groups, and focus on solving corruption in key areas such as selection and key links, etc., and strengthen anti-corruption international cooperation and deepen , Build a system mechanism that does not dare to rot, can’t rot, do not want to rot.

Seventh, resolutely rectify the problem of corruption around the masses. Focus on winning the poverty of poverty, carry out special governance of corruption and style of poverty alleviation. Punish the grassroots corruption with evil, resolutely investigate and deal with the "protective umbrella".

Keep abuting the outstanding problems reflected in the masses, increasing centralized rectification and supervising the supervision, covering the entire party to the "last kilometer".

Eighth, promotion is a practice from severe administration of party responsibility.

Strengthening the overall supervision and inspection of the regional and departmental party organizations in the jurisdiction, using the responsibility of the party, use the blame of the arms, and will be able to ask if the accountability will be strict. Strengthening the leadership of the superior discipline committee to the sub-discipline committee, improve the local discipline committee to resident institutional mechanism, strengthen the supervision duties, and promote the full coverage of the party’s party responsibility, layers. The plenary requirements, the iron must be hard.

The discipline inspection and supervision of the discipline inspection and supervision, and the discipline inspection and supervision cadres should always be faithful and firm, responsible, obeying the law, cleaner and integrity, always adhering to the people’s position, and adhering to a high feelings, always adhere to the truth from facts, seeking truth, loyalty, serious performance .

It is necessary to enhance the sense of urgency, the responsibility of Xu Zuoguo, improve the performance, strengthen self-supervision and self-constraint, and maintain the strength, endurance, vitality, maintenance, policy, measures of the new era of discipline inspection work. Continuous stability forward-looking, earnestly fulfilled the glorious mission given by the party and the people, ensuring that the power given by the party and the people is not abused, and the sword will never be mad. The plenary meeting, we must closely unite around the party center of the party, selflessness, selflessness, hard work, and constantly achieve the new achievements of strict treatment of the party, party style and clean government and anti-corruption struggle, in order to implement the party’s nineteen Strategic deployment, winning a comprehensive construction of a well-off society, and seizes the new era of socialism with great victory for socialism to make new and greater contributions! (People’s Network Beijing on January 13).