Yao Wei: "Two Learn" Times Features

  Recently, in the "two studies and one" learning education, Huimin County, Shandong Province, through organizes centralized learning, special seminarism and "Thousands of Secretary" and other activities, guide party members’ strength, quality, quality, and tree image.

The picture shows the party members of the county, Li Town, Li Town, Li Town, the 78-year-old party member Kang Fengquan (right) is being exchanged with young party members.

Our reporter Liu Xinwu photo ["Two studies" special attention] In all party members, the "School Party Regulations, School Speech, and Qualified Party Members" is the Party Central Committee to consolidate the mass line education practice activities of the party. The "three strict three truth" topic education results, further solving the problem of party members’ teams in thought, organization, style, discipline, etc., maintaining the important initiative of the development of the party’s advanced nature and pureness, is the re-origination of the party’s construction. "Two Learning One" learning education is a distinctive characteristic and great creativity of the party’s historical experience and real experience with scientific theory.

  The use of excellent tradition and historical experience in the new situation and the development of "two studies" learning education emphasizes the foundation in learning, putting learning in the first place, is the good tradition and historical experience of the Chinese Communist Party ‘s focus on ideological construction and historical experience in the new situation and developing.

  During the Democratic Revolution, the Chinese Communist Party attaches great importance to the leadership, armed role of advanced theory, advanced idea, with advanced ideological education party members, overcomes misconduct, in an intricate environment, and becomes the party building into a worker class pioneer.

Today, this tradition and experience are not only applicable, but also more important.

The party faces ruling test, reform and opening up test, market economy test and external environment test, facing the danger of spiritual slacks, the risk of abundance, the danger of being dangerous and negative, and must pay more attention to the party’s ideological theory and the theoretical education of party members . People’s actions come from ideas. For Communists, the correct ideological understanding, the high degree of thought is always the foundation of qualified party members. As the fundamental regulations of the party, the party constitution establishes the party’s nature, action guidelines, ultimate goals and attempts, established the party activities, the basic principles of the party’s livelihood, especially the basic conditions and rights obligations of party members.

All party regulations are formulated by the party constitution, and is an important supplement to the party constitution. The two jointly constitute the party’s regulatory system.

  Since the party’s 18th National Congress, General Secretary Xi Jinping issued a series of important speeches, proposing new requirements for new ideas new ideas, and deeply answered a new situation. The series of major theories and reality have further sublimated our parties to the law of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the law of Marxist ruling party construction law. General Secretary Xi Jinping is an important speech in adhering to and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. It provides a scientific guide and basic follow-up for our new historical starting point.

  Party Constitution Party Regulations and Series Speech Since fundamentally solve the directional issues of the party’s construction under the new situation, I have answered why qualified party members, how to do the fundamental issues of qualified party members. In-depth study of party regulations and series speeches, not only know that the party’s standards can not only know, but also know that they have a political guarantee and mental power. Carrying forward theory and practical learning style "two learning and one" learning education emphasizes the key is doing, the improvement of ideological understanding is implemented to actual actions, insisting, carry forward the party’s theory and practical, and learning the style of learning. The Chinese Communist Party is an advanced political organization that is a difficult historical mission. Party members are not talking guys but practicers.

The party has always advocated that the purpose of learning is in the application. If you get from the actual abstraction, you will become a meaningless sitting. "Two learning and one" learning education emphasizes that it is learning combination, knowing the way of understanding.

The content of learning, the method also has a strong targeted, "learning" should take problems, "do" to change the problem and target-oriented combination of problem consciousness.

Through learning to further strengthen the ideals and beliefs, solve the problem of ideal beliefs; further enhance political awareness, overall consciousness, core awareness, consciousness, solve the party’s awareness of consciousness, do not keep political discipline political rules, in the party, do not love the party , Do not protect the party, not for the party’s problems; further establish problems such as righteousness, solve the fake publica protection, damage the interests of the masses; further strengthen the concept of the purpose, solve the problem of working negative, the spirit and loss of moral behavior, etc.. Through the "two learning," doing "," politics, belief, rules, discipline, morality, good conduct, dedication, and act ". Just try to overcome the empty formalism, earnestly grasp the transformation from learning, to promote the development, to make an experiment, can promote the majority of party members in the production, work, study and social life. , When you can see it, you will rush. The effectiveness of the party’s ideological education will also be improved.

  Reflecting the new character of strict treatment of the party, "two learning, one" learning education, emphasizes the whole staff, recurrent sexuality, reflecting the new situation and new experience in the new situation. As a system engineering, from the strict treatment party, it is necessary to grasp the leading cadres, but also to the grassroots organization and all party members; the other is that the party is always on the road, not completed.

Party members are the cells of the party’s body. The Communist Party of China is more than 87 million party members, the quality and performance of the majority of party members, to a large extent affect the party’s advanced nature. The distinctive feature of "two students" is full coverage, all party members must be educated, they must be in the party’s standard. There is no exception; it is not an event in time, it is necessary to conduct normal education. . Therefore, this is an important practice to deepen the education of the party’s education. It is an important measure to promote the development of the party’s internal education from the "key minority" to the majority of party members, from concentrated education to the regular education extension. Comprehensively grasp the requirements of "two learning and one", use your heart, grasp the right, and the party’s ideological and political construction can catch everyday, and strictly often change the past some places for party members to lose, lost, lost In soft, tight phenomenon; the majority of party members also use party members to ask themselves and improve themselves.

The organizational strict requirements of the organization and the combination of party members’ conscious efforts, promoted, from severe administration of the party will become a normal state, the quality of the majority of party members will continue to improve, adhere to the party’s advanced nature, pureness can get important organizational guarantees.

  The majority of party members have practical measures to learn from the actual action to purify political ecology, "do" is conducted in practice. It is the effective measures of the majority of party members to purify the party’s political ecology in the actual action. Since the 18th National Congress, the party’s political ecology has improved significantly, but it still does not have anything else. How to create political green water? Marx said that the environmental change is consistent with people’s activities or self-change, can only be seen and reasonably understood as the practice of revolution.

That is to say, people cannot follow the wave flow in the bad environment, and they cannot be separated from the reality environment. They must be self-cultivated, and they will change the environment in practice, and purify themselves in practice.

  This is the case, this "Do", this "do" is not only transforming the subjective world and is also an objective world. It is two modified organic combines.

Therefore, in "two learning and one" learning education, the majority of party members should consciously start from me, strictly "reach the standard", with their own model behavior, change the environment, will further form the wind The good political ecology of positive and healthy, the party style and clean government will be a new level. (Yao Wei, the author of Beijing "Research Center" Research Center, the theoretical system of the Chinese characteristics.