The Minister of Autonomous Region, the Minister of Propaganda, Zheng Hongfang, in the investigation of Bayannao

From August 17th to 18th, the Minister of the Autonomous Region Party Committee and the Minister of Propaganda Department Zheng Hongfu studied the education and promoting ideological and cultural work in Bayannaour City. Zheng Hongfan went into the Democratic Village, Jinsha Community and Municipal Government Service Center in Linhe District, and learned about the development of party history education.

The democratic village squad is fragrant, the picturesque, listening to the party branch of the Democratic Village, carrying out the education of party history, leading the development of the villagers to develop the special industry, and build a beautiful leisure rural report, Zheng Hongfan is praised.

He emphasized that further improvement of political stations, deepening parties to learn education, promoting the party’s glorious tradition, good style, practice the party’s initial mission, strengthening public servants, for the people’s feelings, to combine "I do practical things for the masses" Plays the role of grassroots party organization battle fortress and party members’ leading cadres, based on their own position to serve the people, start from the difficult people, from the people concerned from the people, to solve the people’s difficult things, troubles, and enhance the people The masses’ sense, happiness, safety. Zheng Hong Fan went deep into Bayannao Broadcasting and TV Station, Qiangkou County Heading Media Center, investigating media integration development, and visited the first-line editor. He emphasized that the propaganda of the ideological and cultural front should insist on the guidance of the socialist thinking of Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping, strengthen "four awareness", firm "four confidence", and to "two maintenance", keep in mind "big people", Consciously assume the mission of the banner, gathering the heart, education new people, Xing culture, and exhibition, always adhere to the correct political direction, public opinion orientation, value orientation around the center, service overall situation, condense construction, bright Inner Mongolia, all round great China Dream’s pound power. He asked, the media should actively take as action, insist on keeping innovation, and speeding up the development of media integration to develop, create a new mainstream medium with powerful communication, guiding, influence and credibility.

To expand the vision, rich content, expand the audience, spread the party’s voice, talk about the Inner Mongolia story.

It is necessary to always pay attention to the introduction and training of talents, form a talent-benign circular mechanism, strengthen ideological and quenching, political experience, practice exercise, and build a hard-working team, and continue to improve the level of publicity and ideological and cultural work.

Zheng Hong Fan also went deep into the northwestern geopolity of the Yellow River Basin, the fresh farmer’s museum, the Yellow River Water Conservancy Culture Museum, Inner Mongolia Corps Museum, investigating the development of modern agriculture, "Talent River Set" brand construction and the Yellow River Water Conservancy Culture.

Wang Min, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, and the Minister of Propaganda Participate in the investigation. (Reporter Yang Zhili) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.