Reproduction fire thunder construction of the "Chinese speed" symphonic ballet "mountains and rivers" Wuhan premiere

People Wuhan, November 4th power of life and death of a fearless assault figure, a road invincible determination eyes, lifted both a strong arm …… hope the evening of November 3, in the "building permit" Contagion – National ballet paid tribute to the fight against SARS hero on a special performance, along with light effects lightning, thunder faint immersive theater experience to Vulcan mountain, mountain Raytheon hospital construction of "Chinese speed" as the prototype, China’s construction of three buildings participation in joint production of original symphonic ballet "mountains and rivers", open world tour in Wuhan. Community representatives participate Contagion builders, staff, volunteers, media and a total of more than 1,000 people watched the performance. When the screen "People in the mountains and rivers in the" inflow passionate melody of heart from the ear, the artists on the stage with the dance panorama sonorous reproduction of the builders armored Executive Rui, fearless retrograde.

In deep lyric, heated under a staggered laying symphonic music, in magnificent, ballet dance sonorous pace mapping Torr, a row, with rows ballet limb woven, composition and build magnificent scene the hero, rivers FIG volume.

Every struggling to dance on stage dancer, like a year ago and the epidemic racing, race and builders disease incarnation.

"For these ordinary heroes to come forward, the best tribute is to carry on!" Turning to the creative mind, the head of the Central Ballet Feng Ying said that the work is not just a "mountains and rivers" represent, but a new outbreak since the crown , under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, 1.4 billion Chinese people yearned for the party early, the same fate, build mountains with the backbone to the flesh and blood of the Great Wall, to the majestic power arm of the Department of rivers and national spirit, creating a "man in the mountains and rivers in "the fight against SARS feat.

"The rise Vulcan Mountain and Raytheon of the mountain, let the people in Wuhan, the most helpless when students see the hope.

This time we will focus on the visual ‘two mountains’ theme Contagion, in order for the entry point, through the art form of ballet, reproduction Chinese builders in the face of suicide epidemic forget the spiritual power of the dead afraid of risk. "" Mountains and rivers "director Li Yang expressed." Last year, Chinese New Year, an unprecedented epidemic allow Wuhan to become the country’s fight against SARS battle ground.

All walks of life unite as one, thousands of health care workers, the people’s army, builders, volunteers retrograde come together and achieved the victory of the Battle of Wuhan, co-write a great Fighting Spirit against SARS.

This spirit will always inspire us to mind the larger country, to continue with concentric with the motherland, for the people of due diligence on a new journey.

"Construction of three party secretary and chairman, when he Vulcan Mountain, Mountain Raytheon hospital construction site commander of Chen Weiguo said that the construction of three food Jingchu food, drink Yangtze River water will be more full of enthusiasm rooted in Hubei, service Hubei, Hubei return, will be more high-spirited attitude, Geng continued red gene, Houzhi national identity, for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation and continue the struggle.

A short period of more than two hours of performances, repeatedly burst into thunderous applause. Many had been in charge of the fight against SARS frontline health care workers and builders, to see personally experienced the drama of vivid scenes of the scene, could not help but moved to tears. "Recreates the difficult years of the period Fightpandemic, evoked brain death retrograde ‘fire thunder memory’!" Has two-lane operations in the Vulcan Hill Hospital and Raytheon Hill Hospital construction of three employees Yang Xueping red eyes "At that time, some party members commando done in five days usually three months of work, the most sleepy when eating chili boost the spirit; some party members and engineers with an insulin pump, a night traveled thousands of checkpoints …… "At the end, was the construction of three young Vulcan Hill hospital commando captain Xiao Shuai reluctant to leave," the stage as if ‘yesterday Once More’, the group responsible for the entire hospital maintenance of hardware operation and maintenance work the amount is large, the risk is also great, and sometimes have to work in the ward ten hours to clear the pipe, but Zaikuzailei, hard to re-insurance, and no one back, but rather ‘I was on my first party ! ” the most dangerous place for me to go ‘solemn commitment "has led the" comrades "Thor Hill hospital six days to build the" heart "- built in the third floor of the medical staff Wang Liang staring misty eyes of fear miss every wonderful moment, he said, "everyone is not giving up, are more hold on, the trickle-down will be able to force converging all-conquering force. this is the power of unity and birth, this cast is the hope of faith." memories since the construction of three-dimensional security team fighting alongside the experience of a former Raytheon Hill hospital medical management Department Director Li Kun very frustrating, "Today, I still often think of Huang Lake, together we went to the mission to life, was obtained with great care beings scenes from the epidemic control, Raytheon Hill hospital began to ‘bed and others’ phenomenon, to break cabin attributed to silence, we join hands together to create a cure rate of more than 98% of patients, staff zero infections, zero production accidents, environmental zero pollution ‘Thor mountain miracle’! "immersed in the works to bring moved from Shanxi Yuncheng retrograde Vulcan Hill hospital aided in the construction of three wind pipe worker Palace CMA shared feelings," no difficulty can overwhelm us! I just tens of thousands of builders in an ordinary, but we unite to overcome difficulties efficient built two hospitals, the struggle is the fight against SARS witness and participant.

And the workers in the future I will carry forward the great spirit of the fight against SARS, to tackle tough, to more actively participate in major construction projects. "That night, the Central Ballet of China also performed a repertoire of classical ballet" Red Detachment of Women. "According to the plan, followed by" mountains and rivers "will also tour the National Grand Theater in Beijing and other places, so that more viewers a taste of Chinese builders in times of crisis inter come forward and protect rivers Everlasting style, sing hundreds of millions of Chinese people through the clutter, forge ahead, willing unharmed magnificent country music.

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