"I do practical practices for the masses" CITIC Bank North China Union

The same red is always, different exclusive blooms. In the practice of promoting "I am doing practical things for the masses", 5 branches and 2 subsidiaries in China, China, to fight, and serve the masses, serve the masses, and share seven shiny The people’s answer, let the initial heart are solving the problem of "anxious and unrest" problem. The Beijing Branch of CITIC Bank adheres to the investigation practice of Shen Yetong, from 346 projects in all branches, aggregated to form 13 key projects in 4 categories of branches. Focus on state-owned enterprise responsibility attack "Focus", support national key entity economic sectors, fully improve the financial services of agriculture, with "Technology + Pu Hui" to meet the needs of small and micro customers; use the heart to serve customers to solve "difficult" Basic, let the service pass the community, units and families, and strive to do service without hitting; Employment grassroots first-line treatment "pain point", fully solve "reimbursement difficulties", "printing difficulties", "will sign difficulties"; respond to employee concerns " The slot point ", solve the problem of office building relocation, staff restaurants and lunch facilities, and enrich the safe cultural life. Take the four "points" to promote the land, let the "mass route" ground gas, warm people, see effective.

CITIC Bank Hohhot Branch puts practical things and in-depth research, help local development, improve service capabilities, enabling grassroots development, care for caring employees, transforming agency style, epidemic prevention and control, etc., focusing on 51 key projects, strong support Transportation, energy, urban infrastructure construction, and the development of key areas such as people’s livelihood, manufacturing, and the extension of the network, set up the financial station, carry out the "financial help" service, and create a "functional department + first-line mechanism linkage" "matrix" Work mode, launch a series of warming measures such as Wisdom Canteen APP, Psychological Assistance, and focus on helping grassroots, customers, employees to do good things, do practical things, solve problems, and do a good job in party history education "second half" article, The masses have got sense, happiness, and belonging. The China CITIC Bank Taiyuan Branch uses the "warm heart service to not stop the three focuses on the people’s livelihood", in-depth development "I have practical activities" for the masses "," I am going to endorse the brands for the central enterprise, I add temperature for financial services, I For the three themes "of the" Three "Party Building + Collaboration + Customer", "Diversified Jobs" of "Party Building + Collaboration + Customers", continue to supervise in the main body and key fields of the entity economy, with the Qingliang Station, City Station and other service sites care Citizens, with personalized service for migrant workers, middle-aged and elderly people, armed police officers and soldiers, overseas students to solve practical needs, and shake "large service" with "small points".

CITIC Bank Shijiazhuang Branch take the initiative to serve, from the service area guest group, serving the people, serving grassroots employees, serving the first-line unit, providing professional, efficient services, taking professional, efficient service, keeping with national strategy assistance Xiongan New District digital urban construction, distribute the first carbon emission equivalents in the province and the first carbon emissions equivalent pledge loans in the system, carry out "I am a party member volunteer" activity, establish a service satisfaction monitoring system, continuous improvement The ability and consciousness of the first-line ", consciously planting as the people’s feelings, doing small things, do practical things. CITIC Bank Tianjin Branch has developed 4 major categories, 16, 54 key project lists, focusing on practicing state-owned enterprise responsibilities, actively participating in the development of Beijing-Tianjin Jiexia, building a popular financial business marketing channel, strengthening support for entity economic and key fields (Focus on service customers, establish and improve the layered classification system, improve the outlet, the standardization level, speed up the information technology service upgrade, carry out financial knowledge into the community, enter the school, etc .; The bridge of the branch leadership and grassroots employee communication, in order to reduce the real thing for the business agency; focus on the employees, carry out multi-level, full-covered talent training program and employee service activities, with "four focus" full " I do practical things for the masses ". CITIC Financial Leasing From the great view, from the small department, the 25 key projects were released, and the party committee took the lead to grasp the summary, the responsibility department fully promoted, the party’s rhythm of the "Moon Supervision Office", grabbing the tasks, grasping the right, Grab.

In the housing distributed photovoltaic, the housing of the Pleura Rental, the feelings of "the big people" of the country, help rural revitalization and common prosperity; in the landscaping of the business lease, the ship, the airplane leased, trek leasing this source , The service entity economy; in the lean management of the wind, improve the process, the process plugging, the development is difficult, and the base layer is reduced to the base; "I will do practical things for the masses" in the fine care of the staff employees. Arrive, tentacles can be.

Baixin Bank revolves around the masses "I am very hopped" problem, from the products, services, layers, employees "four dimensions", practice digital Puhui financial philosophy, launch online financing "supply loan", digitized pragmatic financial products " Baiyou Post ", provide quality financial products for the masses; continuous improvement of service quality, carry out the practice activities of" Walking into the first line to listen to customers ", earnestly meet the financial needs of the masses; continue to optimize internal service performance, launch" Sunflower Plan ", establish Do practical "melon seedlings" team, manage the barline to solve the problem of business bar lines; smooth opinions collection channels, party secretary held a multi-plane round table, opposite the frontline employee, to solve the employees to solve all kinds of people’s appeals, let the real thing Heartte.

"I have a real thing for the masses" North China Piece, there is only the characteristics of all the Bank of CITIC Bank, the characteristics of the subsidiary, but also show unified specialty: First, the national strategy, the service entity economy, service Regional development, small to service every customer, every employee, full coverage, do not stay "vacuum zone"; second is real, seek a list, set the goal, tightly think, do real things; three is warm, Whether it is the Beijing Branch to open a green service channel for the blind, Tianjin Branch broaden a radius of the loan service, driving 200 kilometers to go to the local enterprise customer customer; or the Taiyuan Branch, "", raise money to support flood control Bai Xi Bank adopted "hundred vote stickers" to pay the flooded affected enterprise; or the Shijiazhuang branch is a heavy illness insurance for the builders of Xiongan New District, and the Hohhot Branch forms a financial Ulan, a small team to send a service for the remote areas, CITIC Finance Rental uses household distributed photovoltaic to peasant, this piece of little things make CITIC temperatures into thousands of households.

With the hard work as a pen, a paint, and perseverance can write it for the people.

Although all branches and subsidiaries "I do practical things for the masses" have time limit, the initial mission of practicing the service is not poor.

The CITIC Bank will firmly implement the spirit of the 19th China Plenary Session, with the incentives with the valuable historical experience of "adhered to the people", for a long time, good work, and make "I do practical things for the masses" practice activities Push down.

(Editor: Zhang Shu, Xie Long) Sharing let more people see.