Guang’an in school, singing "Azolla" little Shaonian Lang Deng Xiaoping

  · "Xinhua Daily Telegraph" correspondent Zhanghai Lei, Li Li can Qujiang River, the ancients called "diving", is the largest tributary of the left bank of the Jialing River. Rolling river coming from the depths of Daba, via Guang’an City, Sichuan Province, and winding away, eventually empties into the Yangtze. 100 years ago, 15-year-old Deng Xiaoping admitted after the work-study program in France Chongqing Preparatory School, is in Guang’an Koto canal boat dock door to leave home. In the alley leading to the marina looking canal, simple thick quartzite on both sides of the road, little bit of moss, traditional houses in East stubborn like a bit of old Zoran stand. Teahouse, before the table, a few elderly people each a cup of tea to start chatting.

Deng’s story Let’s talk about this time and again by people between teahouses taverns. In the home, not only is that Deng Xiaoping has a magnificent courage and extraordinary courage of revolutionary, strategist, Li Hongzhi is that, with vision and went to explore the exotic juvenile truth.

  Enlightenment idea of enlightened located in Guang’an Guang’an District Association shangxingzhen Deng old courtyard house is a traditional farmhouse sitting east to the west of the courtyard houses.

Pre-hospital terraced layers, pan-green pond, shady trees.

17 houses of varying size reduction with Deng Xiaoping ancestors three generations living in this state. August 22, 1904, Deng Xiaoping was born. His father Deng Shaochang open-minded, hard-working mother’s pale good.

At this point, Deng has no past aura.

  On Deng Jiazu Guang’an was the mayor. From Deng Xiaoping old courtyard not far from the ancestors, the Qing Emperor Qianlong Imperial Deng Shimin homes.

Deng Shimin is one of the outstanding figures of the Tang clan, he rose to the rank supreme court Zheng Qing, Tong Bong doctor, reactive high moral weight. After the childless death of Deng Shimin, in order to cultivate talents to the family line of the Tang clan, family public discussion, the son changed the Imperial Academy Science Museum.

  Deng Deng Shaochang father worked in Chengdu Hosei school, received a new education.

Civil society organizations to participate in the early years of the gang "Gelaohui", had been a "San Ye" in the field of Hip Hing Kwong "Elder Brothers", and later promoted to "palm flag Grandpa", also worked as guards always do Guang’an County, and said Secretary militia. He plays an important role in Deng Xiaoping’s childhood. Local masses has spread misunderstanding Deng Deng Shaochang know after "stealing" five oceans sister to the students treat things, to recognize the "oversight" and praised his son full of stories of compassion and responsibility.

  Access to the advanced thinking of Deng Deng Shaochang unreservedly support the studies.

Hanlin child is one of the important activities of childhood Deng Xiaoping. In 1909, he entered the age of five here to accept private school elementary education, and in this encounter known as "Mr. Deng three" Deng Junde.

  This year, Vice Minister of Publicity Department of the original 80-year-old Kwong Municipal Caishi Wu from the 1970s, then by Deng Xiaoping visited the students, relatives, etc., were collected in the study of Deng Xiaoping Guang’an period, life experiences. " ‘Mr. Deng three’ is an unintentional imperial floor Candidates for the rule of the Qing government is extremely dissatisfied. He not only taught classics, also taught a lot of patriotic story." Caishi Wu introduced.

  Less than two years, Deng Xiaoping familiar with the "Three Character Classic," "Family Names", "Thousand Character Classic", private school is about "Mulan father’s army" "sake of the general Yue Fei" and other stories but also induced him interest in learning and reverence for the ancient heroes.

  Explore new education Qing Dynasty, New Schools have sprung up in the ancient land of China. In 1899, progressives in the north of the city of Guang’an founded the Purple Mountain Zijin temple, a precedent Guang’an new school. Well-known democratic revolution and educator Zhang Lan was here to teach. Kitayama elementary school also momentum and Xing, its founder to break the stereotypes of traditional education, ignited the flames Hip Hing new education. Compared to the former residence of Deng Xiaoping and the lively hustle and bustle of a constant stream of tourists, Hip Hing Street about 4 miles outside look much silent.

In addition to strolling grocery store door filled with playing cards, chatting outside the elderly, such as clotting time in the street in general.

Many old house door closed, it has long been uninhabited. Kitayama elementary school in this old street.

In 1910, 6-year-old Deng Xiaoping began to accept the new education here.

  Paul campaign broke out in 1911, around the Sichuan have responded.

Caishi Wu research was covered in small school on the northern wall, pillar "against betray Han River Railway" "hit traitor" slogan, the teacher will tell Protection Movement of the situation to the students. After-school teachers, the students will take to the streets together, singing "Song of Japan to disaster", and transcribe slogans posted everywhere Hip Hing field. "Coincidentally, at that time ‘Mr. Deng three’ has become Kitayama elementary school teacher of Chinese, according to Deng Xiaoping’s students recalled, he was also the democratic revolution Zou Rong people masterpiece" Revolutionary Army "elected to the textbook." Caishi Wu said .

  The summer of 1915, Deng Xiaoping graduated from Kitayama small school, with honors admitted to Guang’an County Higher Primary School.

Today’s school site in Guang’an District Government Hospital, is a two-story building, hanging hill-style roofs, white walls and gray tiles.

  Deng Xiaoping’s hometown of Deng Xiaoping Authority, former director Marv engaged in decades of research, in his research, the urine from Deng Xiaoping good fight with the spirit of science and feudal superstition.

According to Marv research, when the County Higher Primary School reading, Deng Li again the subject of the students mother was very ill, he decided to cut the liver to save the mother to filial piety. After I heard that Deng Xiaoping, quickly discouraged: "? Do not you cut liver, your mother’s sick enough yet you have to believe in science, get back to the doctor, take care of the mother," February 1983 visit West Lake in Hangzhou, the face of Yue Fei handwritten "Azolla" Deng said with deep feeling to accompany the tour staff: "." juvenile at the time of learning the song "I’ll sing as a child," Azolla Deng Xiaoping, is in a critical turning point in life. 1918 to 1919, Deng enrolled in Guang’an school.

This is the earliest Guang’an a regular high school, opened geography, gymnastics, English and other courses. After the May Fourth Movement, Guang’an Guang’an high school students set up a student patriotic club, Deng Xiaoping, and some young blood along the streets in solidarity with the May Fourth boycott.

  "Chongqing and Guang’an location near the waterway and there is interlinked, Shanghai founded the" New Youth "carried very wide group of students in Chongqing, Deng Xiaoping also come into contact with advanced ideas, demonstrations and strikes in 1919 Secondary School organized Guang’an County participants hand written ‘Paul Shandong sovereignty’ ‘to punish the traitor’ ‘I also Qingdao’ ‘oath national humiliation’ of the white flag, distributing leaflets along the way, shouting slogans to boycott Japanese goods. in these activities, Deng Xiaoping are positive participants.

These experiences have deepened his patriotism, but also further strengthened his conviction of national salvation.

"Caishi Wu said.

  Summer of 1919, Deng Shaochang Chongqing will start work-study preparatory school news back home, hoping his son can work-study way, he went to France to study.

Deng Xiaoping in 1919 and the fall of Tang Shu Shaosheng, fellow Hu Lun, the county embarked on a cargo ship docks of the East entrance, to Chongqing, began a study of the road.

"Ken Deng (Xiaoping’s brother) said to me: ‘studied in France, Hip Hing went to three people, my father contributed’, far-reaching Thus, the open-mindedness of Dengshao Chang, the impact on the next generation.

"Marv said. Today, Huaying Mountain, the banks of the river drainage, Guang’an high school campus stands a sculpture of Deng Xiaoping, the glory of a century is destined to become the collective memory of our students. Red hometown of Deng Xiaoping’s former residence is next to the exhibition hall echoed this is a blend of eastern Sichuan style houses and modern architecture style building. in the gallery, a piece of in-kind, a chapter manuscript, a pictures, vividly demonstrated the glorious life of Deng Xiaoping. Deng Xiaoping never leave home back Guang’an too, but he connected home is often brought home to people.

  Gallery, there is a trip to the founding organ of the European branch of the "red light" to the Chinese Socialist Youth League of the 1920s.

Shortly after came to Paris, the young Deng Xiaoping became the editor of this publication, still above the published articles and the publications sent home, the fire spread to the brothers and sisters of the revolution thousands of miles away.

  Today, Guang’an red background, the history of that period of a hundred years of struggle often echo in here. "Statue plaza surrounded on three sides ridges, the shape of a large natural seat, bronze statue of Deng Xiaoping sitting in this green grass, towering old trees in natural surroundings ……" Recently, Guang’an District Guang’an City East Elementary School Yang Ying students in the form of video and lead the punch red spots, tells the story of Guang’an chapter in party history, this relay will punch 100 students have completed.

In addition to the perspective of the students walked into Deng Xiaoping’s hometown area, students are still Huaying "re-take the guerrilla trail" to inspire patriotism intelligence Zhi. "Deng Xiaoping made a bubbly teenager Guang’an become staunch Marxist, proletarian revolutionary, communist fighter, he was practicing with his promise of a lifetime. By summarizing the proletarian revolutionaries and founding one hundred outstanding quality years of fine work style, we should not forget the early heart to do, remember our mission. "Marv emotion to. Tree-lined, green everywhere. Deng Xiaoping’s hometown in the area, students from around the footsteps of the great man being followed, complete with their road red theme of the research study.