Expert Tip: choose infant skin care products "mechanical" font safer

Recently, a baby girl suspected wipe antibacterial cream change "Big Head." When 6 months old, the baby weight soared to 22 pounds of meat the face of the squeeze deformation of facial features, and developmental delay, hirsutism and other symptoms. Zhangzhou City, Fujian Wei health committee issued a document that, after testing, arising from either antibacterial cream containing clobetasol propionate, companies suspected of producing and selling fake products.

This triggered a treasure dad Baoma ‘attention, how parents choose safe and effective skin cream for the baby? What are the symptoms your baby must pay attention? To this end, the reporter interviewed the China-Japan Friendship Hospital Dermatology and Venereology general practitioner Xue Ke.

· Ke Xue Zhongguo Qingnian Bao told reporters China Youth Net, infant care products used if adding a large number of hormones may cause hormone-dependent dermatitis, the most obvious feature is the moon face, increased facial hair.

Long-term use may cause liver and kidney damage, causing precocious puberty were characterized. "Infants from birth to 6 months, with a growth hormone from the mother, the sebum secretion.

After six months, the baby’s fall sebum secretion, easy to dry skin, this time on the need to apply skin care products. But the baby’s delicate skin, the stratum corneum thin, antibacterial and immunity than the weak, vulnerable to damage the skin barrier, will be more sensitive to external stimuli, parents should be careful to buy skin care products.

"Xue Ke said.

Xue Ke said that the purchase of skin care products, a parent can "see" the second "smell", three "trial." "Look," to see skincare approval number and component description. Try to choose fresh and not greasy product, contains heavy metals, preservatives should be selected carefully; avoid adverse reactions and contraindications to purchase items labeled "not clear" and other vague wording of the product. "The most common is the approval of topical products ‘makeup’ size and ‘mechanical’ size.

‘Mechanical’ famous product is the result of the State Drug Administration for the record, generally do not add substance hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals and other easily lead to adverse reactions, the composition is relatively safe, simple, usually in a hospital, pharmacy sales.

Most of the cosmetics on the market name cosmetics, license number, name cosmetics also after drug administration departments for the record obtained relatively loose, some of the ingredients in a certain percentage of the claim is allowed to add.

Baby moisturizing cream to use, Nappy cream makeup is most famous.

Consumers name is the result of the health authorities for approval, mainly used for disinfection of hygiene items, such as disinfectants commonly used in hospitals, health supplies, and some babies disinfectant wipes, anti-bacterial drugs. If marked Consumers name products, may contain hormones or medicines, long-term use may result in skin lesions, such as erythema, burning, itching and other symptoms, may cause skin dryness, increased susceptibility to infection, may also appeared hirsutism, acne, moon face excessive use of hormones and other symptoms.

"Xue Ke said.

"Smell" is the smell the smell of skin care products.

Parents do not have to smell alcohol, fragrance and other odors, try to choose no scent of skin care products. "Trial", recommended that Baoma first try, no problem, then you can use a small amount in the ear after the baby, if there is no allergy, discomfort and other symptoms may continue to be used.

Baby skin problems arise, parents can not daub drugs should be professional advice, clear reason. "If the baby appears larger area of the body rashes, crying, itching and even affect sleep, we must promptly to a regular hospital.

Skin rash caused by fever, lack of energy and other systemic symptoms to treatment as soon as possible. "Xue Ke Ti wake up parents, we must first clear cause.

There are many parents mistakenly think that only children had eczema, but in reality not a lot of skin disease eczema with very similar performance, such as fungal infections, treatment and response plans are not identical, so the diagnosis is particularly important.

Eczema for infants and young children the most common cause of allergies, Xue Ke said the first child to find and avoid contact with allergens.

"Things children usually contact, food, pollen in the air can cause allergies if severe itching, can be oral with the external use, for the clinical treatment other than the age-based small children.

"Good child care for delicate skin, Po dad Baoma who usually also should pay attention to what? Xue Ke advise parents not to give their children make-up, perm.

"Most of the common market cosmetics ‘makeup’ size, generally contain flavors, colors, alcohol, hormones and other irritating substances. Baby skin barrier fragile, prone to long-term damage to the skin barrier, leading to allergies, hormone dependent dermatitis and other issues.

Perm process, the head wiping potion most chemical agents, may be absorbed through the skin into the body, causing damage to the body, can also cause hair to become brittle. Moreover, permed hair is not easy to freshen up, may hinder sweat secretion, thereby affecting the children of the scalp and hair follicles of normal metabolism. "Winter cold winds, children little face flushed. Ke Xue said most outdoor northern areas often have cold, indoor heating, can cause drying of the skin and mucous membranes child, easily damaged skin barrier, need to enhance moisture, can give children painted some more suitable moisturizing cream, choose some "mechanical" number of skin care products. If the cheeks, lips, redness, tingling of the situation, to timely medical treatment, timely application of medications to control symptoms.