Helping the Watershed Ecological Protection Dadoyao Water Conservancy Project to the Zhujiang River Basin 101 million tail seeds [3]

People’s Network Beijing November 13 (Reporter Yu Wei) Reporter learned from the Ministry of Water Conservancy It is put into the Pearl River Basin arms and provides strong support for the ecological protection and high quality development of the Zhujiang River Basin. It is understood that the Wuhai squid seedlings of this discharge are the first successful self-cultivation of fish, and the Yellow-Silver and Yinyi are the Dagan Cerefish proliferation station. Artificial breeding of Pearl River Basin special fish seedlings.

Aquatic organism is a national tremendous natural resource and an important part of the basin ecological environment. As a key controlled project in the Zhujiang River Basin, the Guangxi Dadoyao Water Conservancy Hub proposes the construction goal of the Ecological Dadoy, at present, the unique "Yizhen Fish Purchasing Center, Pisces, Double Prosecution Station, Five-Personal Battle" David Water Conservancy The hydroelectric protection engineering system is basically established. Up to now, David Gorge has successfully breaks through the artificial breeding technology of 6 kinds of fish, etc. of Wuhao, multi-line, silver, and the cumulative crash, silver, Yellow-tail, red-eyed, triangle, green , 9 kinds of fish, 5.41 million.

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