Growing up as a talent as a medium (China Dream China)

Original title: At the same period, the General Secretary Xi Jinping, the general secretary of China’s Road, is emphasized: "Affairs is acting in business, is also the value of the duties.

The party puts the cadres in various positions. There are so many stable work in reform and development, and you must take a good job.

"The tasks of reform and develop stability must implement in the grassroots level. As a grassroots cadre, we must be brave enough, good at acting, responsibility to the responsibility, do what to do. Dare to meet hard, As a result, you can truly work the grassroots work. When I arrived at the street office, I was burned by the "trouble" of the grassroots. In line with the development of the city, we must mobilize the village of the jurisdiction and the land plan, if processed Inadvertent, it is very likely to cause contradictory disputes. We are not afraid of fear, detailed, carefully arranged, divided into a number of special classes, fragmentation to the household, after the 10-day patient and sincere policy interpretation and thought communication, village collective joint stock company And most of the villagers finally actively express, support urban update work. Whether it is a business entrepreneur, but also need to be a wide shoulder, but also need iron shoulders; not only have the responsibility to be courageous, but also have a problem of cracking problems. Multiple lines are wide, no textbooks can be taught one by one, only courage to pick up the burden, squat hard, hot hands, can wear the realism of heavy responsibility.

In September this year, our city launched the city’s village’s electricity and powerful attack, and spent hardly put a comprehensive rectification of the line before entering the household in various urban villages, setting a multi-level leakage protection device, of which the fourth level leakage The device needs to be installed, and it is the key to household safety electricity, and the ability of grassroots cadres and the masses is also tested. After experiencing the "sweeping", we finally figured out the situation and develop more optimized programs according to the results of the safety investigation.

This also makes us understand: practicing real knowledge, practical long talents, practice is the only way to grow into a talent.

  The grassroots work directly faces the masses, solving the "hurricane" problem of the masses, the grassroots cadres must not only become the ability to have the ability, but also become a temperature.

I remember that during the safety electrical investigation period, I faced the masses at the beginning of the masses did not cooperate.

Some people think that the door-to-door investigation is "no-end buds", and some people use high-power electrical appliances, but they are not intentionally, and so on.

Later, we adjusted the work mode, highlighting care, weakened management atmosphere during the door. Changes are in the details, and the emotions are more in the middle, and our work is slowly understood and supported. With your heart, you will be self-printed. In the work, learn to change the thinking, consider the problem from the perspective of the masses, more embarrassing the people’s concerns, not only conducive to the development of grassroots work, but also truly win the hearts of the masses.

  The grassroots level is hard and harvested. I deeply, through the grassroots first-line test, the feelings of the masses are more deep, and the party’s business mission is more firm. In the future, it will be more firm to put the mission in the heart, put the responsibility on the shoulder, struggle, pragmatic, pragmatic, show new weather in the new journey.

  (The authors are the "People’s Daily", the Secretary of the Jihua Street Party Work Committee in Longgang District, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (No. 07, 202) (Editor: Liu Yingwei, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.