Fund Helping Industry Upgrade 300 million Series Health Industry Investment Fund

[] On November 11th, Seli Medical and Gaosheng Huijin (Shenzhen) Investment Co. The fund is expected to have a total investment of 3 billion yuan. The first issue raised hundreds of millions of RMB and jointly launched the establishment of industrial investment funds.

Special funds will invest mainly around foreign diagnosis, medical consumables wisdom supply chain operation management services and other large health sector projects, integrate both rich medical industrial resources and capital market resources, and ensure advanced and dominance in the fields of the above projects.

  Goldman Sachs Huijin’s investment strategy is a pharmaceutical enterprise that chooses to have advantageous resources but value being underestimated.

Goldman Sheng Huijin has went to the Sepress Medical Shanghai Headquarters in September 2021, and the investment is based on Goldman Sachs Huijin’s SPD Lean Management Service, Inspection Business Setting, and Region. The long-term optimistic development of the project development of the test center cooperation and other projects, and fully demonstrate Goldman Sachs Huijin’s advanced management team, which is very competitive and developed, and the financial and risk management of financial and risk management. And trust.

  In the next cooperation, both parties will closely agree, complement each other, and jointly explore the construction of wisdom medical new ecosystems, assist the Squi Medical strategy upgrade, become a smart medical integrated system based on "AI + medical data". Construction integrator. Cooperation background With an increase in aging, the intensification of medical insurance payment, the integration of smart medical, smart services and wisdom management will push into a climax. It is predicted that the SPD leaving consumables in the Wisdom Hospital in the next three years can reach 80 billion. In a hundred billion-level market, small and medium-sized channels and circulation enterprises or shutdown or acquisitions, eventually only a few large and medium-sized enterprises with differentiated competitive advantages, and we have confidence to become the first echelon company.

  Seli Medical With a professional operation service team, Self-developed hardware and software products, smart medical full-time depth layout, all-class scale procurement platform, cover the national localized service system, relying on the funds of supply chain, unique new wisdom Hospital SPD Consumables Lean Management Model, the current service project has covered more than 20 provincial regions across the country, and rapid market expansion presents huge development prospects. "Science and Technology leads" layout, "service innovation" constructs the core. Seli Medical Adhering to the Strategic Policy of the Science and Technology + Service will be intended to promote traditional medical care by means of scientific and technological empowerment, business synthetic, strategic investment, etc. The service is unprofitable, and the intelligent transformation is upgraded.

In 2022, Serial Medical will continue to expand business layouts, especially in the relevant market layouts will be further expanded, including, 1. Pushing the construction of SPD lean solutions in Wisdom Hospital; 2. Helping to force Electronic medical record, hospital refine logistics management, medical insurance payment settlement, clinical auxiliary diagnosis, etc. Differences, etc., deep tillage, realize model innovation, management innovation, speed up quality medical resource expansion and regional balance layout. [Advertising] All texts, pictures, audio and video manuscripts, and electronic magazines, etc. Do not publish and play in any form.