Lei Tianzi did not brainwash the two surrenders,As long as they help themselves,It hurts to brainwash people,Not in line with the kingly practice,If it’s a critical moment,(qíng)The brainwashing must be done,Don’t kill the enemy,It’s possible to die。

The battle is earth-shaking,The moment the rabbit rises and falls, the battle situation often reverses,Lei Tianzi handled it properly,Kill,Jagged(qíng),After taking the best spirit pill, the injury is also healing quickly,The team has more than doubled,Originally only he and Liu Tang were the top combat powers,Later, I took over Lan Po and an infant couple,The remaining stray bandits are little monks in the Pill period,Except for a few who fled,The rest were killed on the spot。
Xi(rì)The murderous Shuangyang Mountain has been stained red with blood,When the blood of the wicked is drained, it will glow with justice,Standing on the highest point of Shuangyang Mountain,Lei Tianzi looks around,Very satisfied,This is the first fierce battle in Diaoling Continent,Looking back on the thrills, I’m terrified,But the winner is still on his side。
Ling Ling and Ai Mu Shao are carefully searching every corner,Mainly looking for a disguised artifact space,After the war, the people who can still stand on the spot are their own people,The enemy’s bodies were all burned clean,Occasionally I can see mottled blood stains on the stone。
Cao Xian recruited in the battle is still in the magic weapon space,Can’t get out of the illusion for a while,That glare dome is very powerful,I want to get rid of his illusion unless his realm is high,You have to be prepared in advance,Not look at his evil eyes。
Lei Tianzi enters the magic weapon space,With Cao Xianen(ài)one time,(shēn)After she was satisfied, she pulled her back from the illusion,If you keep waiting,I don’t know how long it will take Cao Xian to recover on her own。
The man who surrendered was named Geng Xu,The female fairy is called Gan Lanjun,Ranked third and fourth in the organization of Shuangyangshan,Lan Po ranked seventh,Strength is still behind Geng Xu and his wife,The big boss is the strong one who uses the middle-grade artifact sword,The one who was killed by Lei Tianzi with a small sword。
The immortal cultivator who used Fangtian’s halberd ranked second,Extraordinary strength,I can’t even find the body now。
Cao Xian, who has returned to normal, still feels extremely tired,Rest and cultivate the spirit in the Dharma space,Ling Ling came over to report the results:Kill the rogue1845people,The cultivation resources are about 20 billion yuan,Shenjing countless,Filled with thirty-one empty spaces,The rest of the exercises、Occult、weapon、Fu Lu、material、The space filled with a medium-grade magic weapon,In addition, there are more than 30,000 female fairies who were plundered by the bandits,The repair is uneven,The highest level is the infantile period,The lowest level is only the condensation period。
Emperor Lei doesn’t value those materials,Specifically asked:“The captive female fairy(shēn)How is body?”
“Nowhere*Female。”Ling Ling blinked and replied,Yuanyuan(tǐng)Warped(pì)The stock is still twisted,Expressed reluctance to talk about this topic。
Tianzi Lei suddenly couldn’t laugh or cry,Explained:“I mean,Are they disabled,(shēn)Is the heart still normal??”
Ling Ling just understood,Said:“All(tǐng)normal,If arms and legs are missing,Those cruel gangsters will not stay with them(chuáng)Up。”She is also a(shēn)Mature female fairy with heart,Know those secrets between men and women。
Interrogate carefully,Lei Tianzi understood some details(qíng),Lan Po is a female fairy,Geng Xu’s feelings(qíng)Better,None of these three people participated in the persecution of female fairies,As for the other rogues,Everyone caught、A tortured female fairy,Especially big bosses are especially hateful,There are more than 20,000 young and beautiful female fairies in his magic weapon space alone.,Lei Tianzi thought:“It seems that I am still a gentleman compared to the robber,At least not so lustful。”
Chapter One Hundred and Thirty Cao’s servant
Some of the rescued female fairies are willing to follow Liu Tang,Partly locals,After getting out of trouble, I want to go home and start life again,Emperor Lei allows those who return home to leave at will,Those who want to stay are incorporated into Liu Tang’s subordinates,As for the low-level ones, they can only grow up slowly,In fact, those cultivators at a low level can only be reliable in the future,They have a sense of belonging,High loyalty。