as expected,The order caused strong dissatisfaction among the soldiers,They are making noise,indignant,Said that in the past, General XX allowed them to do this,Risk your death,Not even let this,This soldier is boring。

“Offenders cut!”Huo Qubing emphasized again,This time some timid people threw the silk satin away,But most of the arrogant soldiers still ignored,Vainly try to get through,Huo Qubing’s face pale,The hands holding the hilt are all white,But he also worried about causing mutiny,This is the depths of the desert,It is common for the army to rebel,Don’t talk about ordinary soldiers。
A gust of wind passing,Yang Pingfan shot,Cut off the three most screaming guys,Head separation,The gold and silver in my arms fell to the ground。
All the troops are shocked,Silent。
“This is the end of the violation!”Huo Qubing pulls out his sword,“Who else!”
The three first-level deterrents are very effective,The soldiers obediently untied the silk and satin on their bodies,Took out the gold, silver and copper coins he had hidden and threw them on the ground,All kinds of babies are piled up like a mountain。
Huo Qubing sets his sights on Yang Pingfan,The latter nodded approvingly,Whisper a few words in his ear。
“Everyone can choose a treasure!”
This is a compromise,Everyone fights hard,Always have to be paid,The premise is not to affect combat effectiveness,Huo Qubing gave both kindness and power under Yang Pingfan’s guidance,The dissatisfaction among the soldiers has really decreased a lot,I also took the opportunity to deal with the thorns who took the lead。
“set off!”Huo Qubing Jianfeng’s Finger,Is farther north。
It’s just the beginning,There are more military exploits waiting for them。
First483chapter Six hundred to ten thousand,How to fight?
The hardest thing is0The difference between times and countless times,After personally ordering the slaughter of a tribe,Huo Qubing feels that his spirit has been thoroughly baptized,Completely let go of the etiquette taught to him by his elders,What kindness, justice, etiquette and wisdom,All go to hell,There is only one goal in his eyes at the moment,victory,play hard,Victory at all costs!
Under Huo Qubing’s orders,Six hundred light cavalry front pointed,All the Huns on the road will be destroyed,Under Yang Pingfan’s suggestion,The Han army adopted an extremely radical Sanguang policy,Burn out,Kill all,Ruined,tent,The seized grains and carts were burned,The population and livestock were slaughtered,Even the water source is poisoned,Let the Huns have no water to drink。
But they can’t kill everyone,There are always fish that slip through the net,Shan Yudebao,Vomiting blood,Almost fainted,Under rage,Order the army to retreat,Break away from the confrontation with Wei Qing,Instead, send ten elite teams of thousands of people to search for Han Qingqi。
Although the grassland is vast,But the Huns are good at tracing,An invisible net opened its mouth to Liu Bai Qingqi。
But they can never catch up with this Han cavalry,Six hundred Qingqi come out,Every time I escape from the gap when the encirclement is about to close,Sometimes kill a carbine,Bite hard at the chaser,The Huns were dragged by them and run around,Don’t say exhausted,Full of hatred, no window to vent,Hard suffocation can kill others。
Royal Court destroyed,Tribe slaughtered,These news spread to the Xiongnu army after a few hands.,Unstable military,Morale is low,A failure is inevitable。