If the knife really stabbed Ning Tao’s abdomen,You have to be seriously injured,Fortunately, Gan Yifan didn’t really poke in,Just stabbed him in the abdomen with a knife handle,Hit him back to the ground with a punch。

He looked up at Tong Xu,Tong Xu is also watching him,Neither of them said anything,Only the sound of the ashtray falling on the ground is very clear,There is already someone outside the door。
“Don’t mess with me again,My patience is limited。”Gan Yifan left this pun on words,Insert the knife back into the calf,A cold glance at Tong Xu,Turn around and walk away。
Take a taxi to school,Received a call from Gan Xiaoxiao halfway,I don’t know what Tong Xu said to Gan Xiaoxiao,The phone is full of questions from Gan Xiaoxiao,Gan Yifan doesn’t care,Directly disconnect the call。
Later, Gan Xiaoxiao called several times,Gan Yifan didn’t answer,He didn’t bother to read some news,Until Xu Wan’s news comes,He just clicked。
【Shot too hard,Pay attention next time,Don’t be too impulsive,I suggest you read more legal books。】
Home in the evening,There are a few more legal books in Gan Yifan’s backpack,He thinks what Xu Wan said makes sense,Go straight to the library after school,Bought a few books back。
“brother,You came back so early today。”Xu Wen saw Gan Yifan coming in from the window,Ran out to meet him like a cheerful bird。
Gan Yifan said with a smile:“School is messy,Everyone is talking about mutant animals,My classmate didn’t ask me to practice ball,So I came back early。”
“Our school is the same,Noisy in the classroom,Like a vegetable market,I can’t study at ease。I’m afraid to continue like this,What can I do if I fail to pass the medical college。”
“Knowing that it is good to be anxious,go with,Go back to the house to review your homework,Don’t disturb your brother。”Wang Lan called her daughter back,Said while picking vegetables:“Your university is okay,The ghost gate has passed,Make trouble。Ke Xiaowen is in high school,Is the most critical time。Her school teacher is really,There is only more than half a year left before the college entrance examination,They also indulge students to discuss in class,You never heard how Xiaowen came back to learn from me,Said that her teacher even discussed with the students,What’s this like,It’s too much……”
Volume Two:Admission First69chapter:Not worry
Wang Lanxu talks about,Xu Wen poked her head out of the house,“Mom, you’re not the same,Dad used to catch a fish and you called him a waste of money,Now forcing dad to go fishing……”
Wang Lan blushed,“What do you know about adults,Not going back to review homework!”
“Will squeeze dad,I complain about dad。”Xu Wen made a face and went back to the house。
“This dead child is heartless,Have a virtue with her dad……”Wang Lan mumbled a few words,Turn around:“You came back early today,I haven’t cooked my rice yet,Hungry?If you’re hungry, let’s eat some soy beef pads,Ma’am, let’s cook。”
“Not in a hurry,Eat more at noon,Not hungry yet,Aunt, you are busy,I will read the book for a while。”