They used a starship to travel through space to the winged falcon continent,This is the seat of the Orangutan Family,The orangutan is a kind of beast of birds,Same as the Jinpeng family,Are all enemies of the human race。

There are not many immortal cultivators on the Wing Falcon continent,Even some of those caught are suffering in the artifact space,The Gorilla Falcon family will not release the Terran Cultivators。
Lei Tianzi is not too familiar with the strong monsters,He took Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan because they were the best,Has initially mastered Flash Cloud’s assassination skills,Practical experience is needed after theoretical progress。
Lei Tianzi took them out to assassinate the strong monsters。
Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan are both direct disciples of Emperor Lei,Their father is also a martyr of Team Thunder,At the age of nineteen, he practiced till the infancy period,Participated in a war with Yaozu,Performed well on the battlefield。
The cultivators who walked on the winged falcon continent were very unfriendly to them,I can see how deep the hatred between a region and the human race is,It must be related to the habits of the locals。
Lei Tianzi doesn’t care about Yaozu’s appearance(qíng)Threat,It’s the enemy’s position anyway,The demons who do not have eyes dare to invade,Kill with a single blow。
Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan look just like,Among the female fairies, it’s not the kind of peerless face,Ordinary to the point that you can’t remember at a glance,What Lei Tianzi values is the aptitude and loyalty of the two female disciples,Not picking a concubine,Need beautiful。
In the eyes of the cultivators of the Yaozu,All human female fairies are excellent,Can plunder and ravage,I saw that these three were all immortal cultivators,In groups from time to time(sāo)Disturb,Emperor Lei won’t get started either,Let the two female disciples fight with the demon cultivator,Only in the most dangerous moment,Tianzi Lei will personally kill the demon cultivators。
They go all the way and kill all the way,There were more than a thousand battles on the way to Nanyue City,More than 100,000 people who killed orangutan cultivators,The temperament of Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan has changed due to too many murders,They suffered hundreds of minor injuries,The eyes became very sharp,Even if it’s just a stop,Will release a terrifying murderous aura。
Lei Tianzi nodded secretly,Said:“When you can freely control the murderous aura,Is the time。”
Xu Zizi smiled:“Master,We don’t want to be a teacher,Follow Master to travel long experience。”
“The young eagle always flies for nine days,Follow me so much。”
“I will try to cover up the murderous spirit within three years。”Xu Zi Zizhitian swears。
“Three years,You have to control yourself all the time,Do have enemies in your heart,There is no hatred in your eyes。”
After entering Nanyue City,Only the monster cultivators reduced their attacks,After all, this is the city,There are more demon cultivators living in,There are laws issued by the strong,(jìn)Kill in the city。
Lei Tianzi brought Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan to the City Lord’s Mansion,The strong man here is Hayato,Is a stunned god。
Lei Tianzi said to the cultivator outside the city lord mansion:“Everyone worked hard,Mr. Xia Lei,I want to dedicate these two beauties to Lord Santo,Please inform。”
He handed the two imaginary spaces containing fairy crystals to the guard sergeant。
“You wait。”The sergeant glanced at Xuna Space,Found that the fairy crystal is a million,Look at Xu Zizi and Zuo Ayan both covering their heads and faces with defensive armor,But graceful(shēn)The material is very hot。