and,This kind of secret to Dong Chengfei now,It can be said to be very fatal。

The marriage between him and the black woman,It won’t be too long。
And i was in his office today,Also told him clearly,I have been to a black woman。
in other words,He can bring me here,Understood as a demonstration,Even threats!
“can not tell,You are really interested。”Dong Chengfei squeezed an ugly smile。Then pointed to the sofa behind me,“sit down。”
I smiled and sat down,Then looked at him calmly。
Now he should take the initiative to stir up the topic,If you want to pay back,Then talk about when will the money be paid back。
If you don’t want to pay,Let’s talk about how tight the company’s finances are。
Dong Chengfei hesitated,Then said,“Jiahui,You can and this Yao,Sister Yao Yun, talk more,She is a very successful woman in the workplace。”
What this sentence means,Let them both avoid。
He wants to talk to me alone。
Jiahui clearly didn’t understand this,“Yes,We just had a good chat。”
She doesn’t understand,Yao Yun understands very well,She took Jiahui’s hand and said,“Let’s go talk in the bedroom,Not with their men。”
Two women went to the bedroom。
Dong Chengfei’s face darkened。
“What’s your name?”