“Mengyunzi?”Yan Ruyu wrote down the name。

But then,He thought of something,The old way doesn’t seem to tell him,Why is the last sword buried in southern Xinjiang??
Just about to ask,But the old way has collapsed。
And at the same time,He felt that his mind was connected with the Dao Gong Shanmen in the sky,He can clearly see everything in the Dao Gong Mountain Gate。
Finally found the sword in the sky‘aims’,Make a clear sword sound,And then,It turned into a white light and flew down towards Yan Ruyu。
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Chapter Forty One sword cut six ranks
Long sword thrust into the ground。
Yan Ruyu looked at the sword at his feet,The original and dark hilt of the sword has changed,Turned into a spiral pattern of one black and one white。
and,More than a sword hilt。
Including blade,Same black and white。
Half white,Half black!