I don’t know when I fell asleep,But i know,I woke up at three in the morning。

Because I dreamed that Zhou Rui was walking side by side with a man on the road,She took the man’s arm,The man’s hands are walking erratically below her waist。
I rushed to stop them。
Zhou Rui glanced at me strangely,And then walked past me。
I yell her name,again and again,Hope to keep her。
But my head shakes violently。
I opened my eyes suddenly,But I found that Zhou Rui was looking down at me。
“In the middle of the night,What do you call my name。”Zhou Rui asked,“Is it a nightmare??”
“No。”I shook my head。
Zhou Rui sighed,“Go to sleep,I’m going to die。”
Talking,She dropped her head on the pillow,Sleepy。
I hug her from behind,In my mind,It’s nice to have such a caring wife。Even if I have a secret with other women,She won’t doubt me,This is really my blessing。If you change Wang Yi,She will······。
Wang Yi。
Think of this name,I will feel heavy inexplicably,Everything she said about Zhou Rui,It’s like a needle stuck in my heart,I feel pain even to breathe。
I suddenly realized a problem。
Zhou Rui said she didn’t want to know the secret between me and Wu Lan,Is she pretending,Increase our mutual trust,Dispel the worries in my heart,Then secretly talk to other men?
I let go of my hand holding her,Look at the ceiling,Until dawn。
the next morning,I ate something at the breakfast shop downstairs。
At checkout,The lady boss glanced at the phone。
What is displayed on the phone is actually surveillance video。