Yang Ping Fandao,The middle-aged man did not introduce himself,But he heard the fat boss and the two favorite girls always call him Oriental Lord,Yang Pingfan also followed suit。

“Oh,Let’s listen to my poems。”
The Oriental Lord showed great interest on the surface,Deep in the eyes but with contempt,Hanfu can’t be made by any cat or dog,Young people are noble children,But in literature,Want to installxEasily struck by lightning。
Yang Pingfan gave a dry cough,Thinking in a circle,I quickly thought of a famous alcoholic in history。
“wine,Jin koruo,Wu Ji fifteen thin horses。Indigo thrush red brocade boots,Do not sing properly。Drunk in the arms of the tortoiseshell feast,Furong Tent Bottom Nai Jun He!”
This poem is finished,Master Dongfang was dumbfounded。
This is written by the great poet Li Bai in the Tang Dynasty when he roamed the Jiangnan in his youth,Poetry Imitating Yuefu Xianghe Songs and Wine Songs,But for love,Different from the old saying,Yeyou in the Poem,Tavern scene,Tracing wine、Miki,Beautifully written,Write picturesque city style,The environment they are in is so appropriate。
The poem advises people to have fun in time,It also dispelled the anger in the heart of Dongfang,Although this is just the simplest vernacular,Can’t compare with gorgeous long fu,But how does it sound so sharp,So appropriate,So beautiful。
What a fool,He is clearly a talented man who pretends to be a pig and eats a tiger!
“Bring my piano!”
Eastern adults are in great interest,The accompanying woman hurried back to the car to retrieve the piano case,Wipe the table,Put on the guqin,Black body,Faintly green,Like vines climbing on ancient trees,Oriental adults try the piano tone,Start improvising,Live music,Shaking his head, singing the Taibai poem that Yang Pingfan plagiarized just now,Sang it over and over again,Yang Pingfan was dizzy,Others are willing。
First477chapter Huo Qubing!
Master Dongfang is still there,Completely ignore other people’s feelings,Yang Pingfan heard his temples jump,This man can do anything as soon as he drinks,So he got up and gave a polite:“Oriental,Thank you for your hospitality,I still have something to do,time to go,We will have a period later。”
Don’t wait for the other party to respond,Went straight。