Because Lei Tianzi came to this green planet named Likenxing, it was a private visit by WeChat,There is no protection from the strong,He didn’t dare to go to the bathroom door openly,So I sent a message to the sergeant in the starry sky,Let the rear headquarters send someone to help。

Man Man is here,This extremely clever lady is now also a powerhouse in the immortal realm,After giving birth,Body becomes plump and plump,With the temperament of a lady,Plus natural beauty,The whole body exudes the beauty of the country and the city,According to the coordinates provided by Lei Tianzi,It only took half an hour to cross to Yuguang City,I came to Sun Pingzhong’s house and saw Emperor Lei。
According to the rules of the immortal world,A strong man like Man Man will be rejected by the world when he comes to Likenxing,Judging from the concentration of the aura of Liken Star,This is just a third-tier continent,Can only accommodate immortal cultivators in the solid foundation period,In fact, Man Man came here without being rejected by the will of heaven and earth at all,This is different。
Tai Piao, who is very interested in children, has already and Sun Kangfu、Sun Kangxi played together,Brother and sister Sun Kangfu grew up with mortals since childhood,No chance to practice,Tai Piao is teaching their cultivation techniques and spells。
Emperor Lei gave Tai Piao’s three children to the female fairy among the sergeants,He and Man Man flew towards the direction of Yuguangmen。
Yuguangmen is built in a majestic mountain,From time to time, I can see immortal cultivators stepping on flying swords coming and going,There are also immortals who can fly without using magic weapons,Obviously there are masters in this school,Not all the cultivators in the spiritual phase,Only the immortal cultivator in the spiritual phase can rely on magic weapons to fly,You can fly freely after the solid base period。
This type of cultivator has never lacked in the world of cultivators,Ordinary green planets can cultivate people in the spiritual phase and solid foundation phase,I can’t see the power of Yuguangmen。
Lei Tianzi stood outside the mountain gate of Yuguangmen,Slightly exposed a spell,The stone lion at the door was crushed bit by bit with huge spiritual power,And his expression is very relaxed,Doesn’t look hard at all。
The disciples of Yuguangmen are all discerning people,It’s amazing to see Lei Tianzi’s skill,Hurried over and said:“grown ups,Where are you from?What’s the point to our Yuguang door??”
“I don’t care about you,Hand over Jie Shu,Otherwise I want a perfect explanation from you。”
“I don’t know Master Xie Shu,Please wait。”
“Humph,Let me stand here and wait?What a fool who doesn’t understand anything。”Lei Tianzi finished,Bring Man Man directly in。
at this time,The strong man in Yuguangmen has received the following report,Send someone to check,Tianzi Lei saw someone flying here,Sweep with Liuli Divine Sense,That is the cultivation base during the infantile period,I feel a little relaxed,It seems that the master of Yuguangmen is not too powerful,At most there are strong people。
The strong man in Yuguangmen bowed and saluted from a distance,He felt that the cultivation realm of Lei Tianzi and Man Man must be above him,The specific cultivation base is not clear yet,It must be right to salute the strong anyway。
Under the guidance of the expert,Lei Tianzi and Man Man came to the hall and sat down,Two visitors sit on the main seat,This is a world where the strong are respected,As long as the cultivation level is high,Disturbances often happen,Not surprising。
After Lei Tianzi sat down, he treated the owner here,A fascinating strong said:“I have made it very clear outside the gate,As long as you hand over Jie Shu,All threats no longer exist,How about we turn around?”
The strong of Yuguangmen is a bit embarrassed,Lower your head and discuss with others using jade slips,After repeated several times, he said to Lei Tianzi:“Ok,We believe in the promise of adults,This will give you the solution of the traitor。”
“Is she a traitor?How to betray?Tell me in detail。”Lei Tianzi showed interest,Tilted his head and said。
The strong man at Yuguangmen is a little embarrassed,Just said:“in fact,Xie Shu also has an older sister,Xie Zhen,Xie Zhen is the powerful concubine of the head Yu.,Unexpectedly, this Xiezhen would steal away a man and a woman who was born with the boss,After Xie Zhen was caught,I confessed that my sister Xie Shu sent the child away,All these years,Still didn’t find the head of the child,Lord look,Is such a traitor very hateful??”
“It’s simply intolerable。”Lei Tianzi nodded slightly and agreed,Man Man glared at him,In Man Man’s view,The two sisters Xie Zhen and Xie Shu are the poorest,Up and down the Yuguang door is a colony of robbers。