Lin Ye:[keep in touch。 ]

Lu Haocheng filed the bag on the blue chair,Laugh:“Wife,We go home。”
Blue Xinye looked at him,Just said that I want to go back,But some people don’t want to go back.。
Lu Haocheng laughed,“You are not used to us home to rest。”
“Um!Go back to Xiaojun video phone call,Ask him that he is not used to in the new school。”
“Row,That go home again。”Lu Haocheng took her hand to go out。
Parking lot,Go on a car,Lu Haocheng tied to Bluetooth headset,Then I sent a message to Lin Ye。
[We start starting。]
immediately,Dial Lin Ye’s mobile phone。
Lin Ye’s voice quickly passed to the Bluetooth headset。
“it is good,Now leave,I have locate your location。”
Lu Haoheng launched the car,Looked a blush,“Blue ,Sit well,We were stared again.。”
Blue Xin:“……”She grabs the seat belt tightly,These yin souls are silent。
Lu Haocheng laughed,Reach your head and knead her head,Only:“Don’t be afraid,Brother。”
Blue Xin is straightforward:“Which of you are afraid of me?,move。”
Since he knew that someone followed them,That is secretly deployed,She is also nervous……Now。
“Um!”Lu Haoheng started the car leave the garage。
On the road,Night traffic,Zero zero dispersion,Unlike it during the day。
Lu Hao Cheng’s car is also coming into the train。
Lin Ye:“Ah Cheng,Third car behind you,It is followed by you.,The people in this car have problems。”
Lu Haocheng Shen Sheng:“It is impossible to have only one car。”
Lin Ye:“Bamboo,You listen to me.,There is definitely more than a car,This person is a role.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Who is?”Lin Ye:“I will know you caught it.,Don’t turn left in front,Turn right,After the right turn, the lane will be widened.,I want to see how many people they have come.,This time I have to make them a network.。Both are our people,I will follow your left,
do not worry,Concentrate on driving。”
“Um!”Lu Hao Cheng walks according to the planned route。
He has a deep and full of screaming for four weeks. ,There are two car speeds around him.。
Lin Ye:“Be careful,There is also a problem with the car on both sides.。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Look out。”
“After two minutes, I will encounter another red light.,Our car is behind their car,I will rob them,You can safely leave。”
Lu Hao Cheng:“Um!”
His car is much faster.,Vehicle on both sides,The speed is also uniform.。