If you are rushing, it is good.,She really doesn’t want to stay。

after all,There is no confirmation between them,There is a dream of dreams.。
“Oh,Then watch the movie together.。”Anyway, there is no topic.,I don’t want to stay alone.。
She is very annoying from my little.。
Since there is a feeling,Then give him a chance,Look more for a while,Not right is clear。
Xie Xi sleep, watching her, did not refuse himself,Laughing smiles from autonomous。
Take the remote control of the table,Open your smart TV on your TV。
Dream is soft to watch TV:“Look at the recently released movie,There are a few good movies。”
“it is good!”Xie Xingmian is very patient search movie。
The atmosphere in the room is much better,Car outside the car,The room was tranquilia。
Face this atmosphere,Xie Xing Xiaoyue hooks the lips。
Le Zhenxi returned to the car,Some mood is sorry。
Low rain outside the car,He silently looked at the windows of foggy streets,Occasionally one or two pedestrians have passed。
Look for a while,He thought about it,I don’t know where to go.?
before,He likes to go to the blue to eat.,Blue bag after dumplings,Will you have to eat。
He will also look at the name of three children to find her.。
And today he doesn’t know where to go.。
Le Zhenxi has a fear that fell into the endless abyss.。
finally,He has no expression of the car left the hospital.。
Lan Xin and Le Zhenxi come back from Ningfifei home,Unexpectedly saw Le Zhenxi。
He didn’t go in,But by the car,The long figure is slightly lower,Foggy,Such as the prince of the comics,Seriously watching mobile phones in hands。
Blue Xin is a bit surprised:“Hexi,Are you not in the hospital??How come here?”
Le Zhenxi looked at her laughing,“Some people care,I will come back.,I want a little auspicious.,By the way。”
Le Yu is a little confused:“Who is in the hospital??I do not know how?”
Le Zhenxi explained:“Is a new assistant,Injured hospitalized,Blue and blue。”
“Oh,female?”Le Yu heard a bit of different unusual tastes。
But think of the last time Song Ni,Her mood is very uncomfortable,I thought it became my own daughter-in-law.,NS,It is used to use it to deal with Blue Xin and Xi Xi.,Math she wants to kill people。
Le Yu Xi nodded。
Le Yu:“Then you don’t look at people in the hospital to run over??what,I guess the girl is a male.,Otherwise, you will not run back.。”
Le Zhenxi:“……”This is my sister.,Really understand him。
Lan Xin doesn’t have to think about it, I know that Xie Sen。
“All right,First。”Le Yu looked at your brother smiles,I don’t have anything well.,This is old,It’s a lot of stability.。
“Um!”Le Zhenxi is a bit of a bit,Special watching my sister, don’t have deep eyes,Seeing him like something like a dream soft。
“Brother-in-law?Don’t be alone at home。”Le Zhenxi hugs a small auspicious in the small cart,Xiao Jixiang knows Le Zhenxi,Smile, I am gone on Le Zhenxi.,Grab the long hair of Le Ji Xixiang。
Le Hao remembers the heart of the four big men,Laughing opening:“Have something to go out.,Maybe it’s going back.。”
Thought four big men depressed expressions,She is not happy.?