The phone is turned on.,Directly to Xia Ping。

Xia Pingqi picks up the phone,It is a little curious.。
“Tang Cheng,How did you call it??”
Over the phone,It’s a look of a pair.。
I heard here,Xia Pingan’s whole person is a hot three feet.。
This kind of thing is placed in front of you,What happens to Xia Ping, the more I feel, and I feel angry.。
“Do you say what I called?,Don’t you be unclear in your heart??”
“Since it is unclear,Then I will talk about this.!”
When Tang Cheng’s words,This is to make Xia Ping’s more and more fond of strangeness.。
But how long,Xia Ping An will know what is going on.。
“You are talking about movies and TV dramas have been withdrawn.?”
this matter,Xia peace,so now,When Xia Ping is finished,obviously,Xia Ping An itself,It is nothing to do in all.。
But this time,Tang achievement is very unpleasant。
Such a thing,At this time,What is going on??
Tang Cheng’s heart, the more I want to feel it.,Start now,Here,Do you want to do something?。
“I don’t care so much.,Why do I want to give my play to the newcomer??”
“do you know,What is the consequence of this??”
When Tang Cheng’s words,Xia Ping, feel funny。
This Tang Cheng,Don’t avoid it, feel good.?
Really think,Can this look??
If it is really like this,Then this is really a very funny thing.。
Think of it,Xia Ping is more and more felt very funny。
But now,Summer is still not said:“This is the company’s business,Everything is all over the company’s interests。”
“Then,Tang Cheng,What did you do for the company?,Chengtian movie TV drama is not good to shoot,All dirty lives are accommodated,You like this,Why do I use you??”
With Xia Ping, this is said,this matter,It is directly torn.。
And Tang Cheng is even more, the more I feel angry.。
hateful,What is this situation??
Is this dissatisfaction with him??
But the more this,More to let Tang Cheng feel,This plan should be implemented soon.。
“Movie TV drama, I can give up,But those variety,reality show,You should still go up.?”
Tang Cheng looks at the eye,It’s even very important.。
but,Summer’s words,Let Tang Cheng have died。
“These.,I said with there.,Changed to other artists。”
“This time,Take a rest first.,Waiting for when to rest well,I will arrange it next to you.。”
This point,Tang Chengcheng burn。