“It seems that this is the answer between the night.。”Blue staining is still a cloud of light wind light。

Night god will refuse in his expectations,But he is not intended.,Originally, I want to have a horse.。
Although the strength of the night, although he value him,But just this,When I first rebelled the devil,Although the blue dye is very strong,But now looks,Just then。
“Sorry,Blue Dyeleman,If I ran to the blue dyele, I ran to a blindstone.,My family will righteousness。”
“Dafu captain,Can the Blue Dyeleman will give me to deal with it??In fact, I have always wanted to make a look at him.。”
Night blade and blue staining,I didn’t even have time to return to the day after the heart.。
Nishiku Winter Lisho looks at the ice pulley in his hand,Deeply feel your own weakness,He knows that the night is giving him a face.。
Because he is not a blue dyeing opponent,Although I am not willing,But this is the fact。
Previously in the corpse,Blue staining or uses a chopper,But now blue dye,Catching yourself and even a knife。
Comparison of blue dye,I really didn’t grow up.,Strength is the same as the original,Always stepped in place。
But this can’t blame him.,After all, the age of the dead is all calculated.,From blue dye rebellion to now,How long does this?,How can I suddenly become a strong。
It is not everyone who is Kurosaki.,He is a hundred years old.,In the corpse, it is already outstanding.。
Looking at the night collision of the night,Japaneseger can’t even see their moving figure,Self-feeling,Revenge seems to be far from。
But he also thought of it.,Whether it is not a blue dye,As long as you have a lot of peach, it will be fine.。
After it,Tuanggu is still shooting to another battlefield,Because his mini supported a clear support。
Municipal Pills Continue your own drainage behavior,Although I saw the chaotic chrysanthemum in the crisis,But this is blue to dyeing here,If he has a variety of anti-water behavior,The first dead is him。
Come with the bows and the bows have exited“Blade”,Lingqi also consumes an empty Gremjo,The battle is still good。
A guard is equally consumed to consume a lot of Ulcheola,The battle is currently Ulci Oola.,But it is still a problem。
But Azhiri is in love with the chaotic chrysanthemum,Dealing with new appearances·Hercules,The situation is not optimistic.,Almost hang。
Hilbeel is still different from Urcheola.,The spiritual pressure is completely consumed.,Strength of the third blade,Hanging two deputy captains,Not too easy。
As for the first place in the first blade, Stark is followed by the city,Indicates that can be drawn,He will never make a lot of things.。
The second one of the ten-blade is, it is not dead to die.,Nature is also happy to watch the play,So I only loyal Hipbeel shot.。
Shan Shiro Join,Gradually make the battle of the power to balance again,certainly,This is in the case of several teammates who have been clearly drawn by several teammates.。
Emotion-ku over the sky,The most intense thing in these is also a battlefield with night.。
After the swordsmanship for a period of time with night,Blue dye is not as good as,Decisive gave up,Liberate your own loose knife『Mirror flower』!
And the expression of the night is also very serious.,Suddenly closed my eyes,Close your five senses,Directly“Mind”!
Mind the sword to the ultimate,You can turn off your own five senses,Only“Mind”To determine the direction of the attack。
The flower of the team leader and the capital have no doubt that it has reached this level.,As for the night, it will then“Flying Royal Sword”and“Royal sword”After the integration is connected“Mind”of。
And more than others“Mind”,Night“Mind”Strongest,He will also arrested colors and gas use,After integrating these things,Close the night of the eyes,Even perceptions around,More sensitive than opening your eyes!
“Is there a small team that closes the five senses??But like this,Originally unsuccessful,Can you play a lot of power??”
“And my『Mirror flower』But it is not only a blindfold,It is possible to resist it.。”